In Omsk a New Complex Center of Rhythmic Gymnastics is built

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English translated by google…Congratulations to Zhenya and OMSK RG fans!!! I hope one day I can visit this RG center 🙂

A new complex of international level in Rhythmic Gymnastics opens this year in Omsk. Its construction started two months ago, but in December there will be held the first major competition, said the governor of the Omsk region Leonid Polezhayev.

“This building is a new generation of construction and architectural culture – he said. – At the center of students and coaches have the right to have such a great base. This right is earned by several generations of our outstanding gymnasts.”

The new complex is being built around the clock next to the existing training center trehzalnym Omsk Olympic reserve in rhythmic gymnastics, which brought many “stars” of the first magnitude – Olympic champion, World and Europe. It is built under the state program “Development of physical culture and sports in Russia, 2006-2015.”

The total area of ​​three-level building – more than 6 thousand sq. m. In addition to the existing three halls of the gymnasts and coaches will receive a competitive training facilities in two of carpet each platform, the whole range of support and office space. If the current center engaged over 300 young hopefuls, after the opening of the new building will triple that figure. According Polezhayev, all rooms are equipped with complex climate-control systems and facilities to clean the air will be saturated with the most daylight.

Over forty years of leadership in the world gymnastics Omsk school brought a galaxy of outstanding athletes. Among them – the champion of the Olympic Games, World, Europe and Russia, the deserved master of sports Eugenia Kanaeva, Margaret Aliychuk, Irina Chashchina, Natalia Puusep, Sania Babi, Tanya Reshetnikov, Eugene Kuzkin and others. There appeared many times world champion first Omsk Galima Shugurova. Today at sunrise to the global Olympus is another “star” – Champion first Youth Olympics in Singapore Xenia Dudkin. Only in 2010, Omsk gymnasts have won more than 50 awards of major national and international tournaments, ITAR-TASS.

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  1. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    @Manuj, Sorry this website is just a fans website. not really a gymnasium. You can contact with Viner center:

  2. Manuj says:

    Do you have any one month training program for international students
    Contact watsapp 918711000050

  3. Ana says:

    finally!!! Go Omsk!!

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