Two Short Interview Translation-Universiade ShenZhen 2011

English translated by Alyona Many Many Thanks!!!
Zhenya: I don’t think I am unchangeable. We have a very strong team and I think that if not me then some other russian gymnast would win. At least I hope so. It is not easy to be always in a good shape. What motivates me? Well, it’s the love for gymnastics and I try to stay fit. It’s not easy but nothing is easy actually.
First of all I like this competition. Then it was sort of a test before the World Championship. Next start will be in berlin and there they will decide who will make the WC team. And WC will be kind of a test before the Olympics.

中譯 by Zoe Wan
小兔寶: 我不認為自己是不可取代,我們有很堅強的團隊,如果不是我贏,還有隊友可以, 至少我希望如此。要永遠表持在最好的狀態不容易。甚麼是我的動力呢? 就是我對RG的愛。我試著讓自己保持fit。這不容易,但實際上沒甚麼是容易的。

首先,我喜歡這個比賽 (指大運會),然後它就像是世錦賽前的熱身賽。下一個比賽是柏林大獎賽,然後會決定世錦賽的參賽選手。今年的世錦賽是明年奧運的資格賽。

English translated by Alyona, Many Many Thanks!!!
Zhenya: I like everything here, it’s a nice place to perform at, and I am happy to be here.
Daria: Everything can happen in this life. And at the moment I perform at the level I was ready for. Everything depends on me.

中譯 by Zoe Wan
小兔寶: 這裡的一切我都喜歡,是個很好的比賽場地,我很高興能來到這裡。
Daria: 人生什麼事都可能發生。現階段我能發揮自己應有的實力。一切都取決於我。

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4 Responses to Two Short Interview Translation-Universiade ShenZhen 2011

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    I believe Zhenya will have a new ball leo in Montpellier or she will wear the nude color leo back, it’s impossible the number one in RUS team wearing an old leo in World Championships. (According to the last two years’ worlds, Zhenya both had new leos)

  2. Michel says:

    I like the green too (surprise XD). As far as I’m concerned she can wear it for another year :P.

  3. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @activschorle , but this green leo is not new…it’s her old leo for hoop 2010-“the rite of spring”. she wore it for ball at the beginning of this year…well the competitions before WC Portimao…I am not a fan of this green leo, thus I hope I can see a new one in Montpellier

  4. activschorle says:

    thanks 😉 i like her new leo for ball,thiais and universiade xD

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