Video: European Championships Baku 2007 @ZKG Vimeo Channel

Zhenya’s 1st international major competition, and she was brilliant in her debut in big stage! I uploaded Individual Event Finals-EC Baku 2007-RUS Sport TV, Zhenya-Ribbon Final, Ribbon-Team/ Qualification, Award Ceremony-Team Competition, a news report with Zhenya’s short interview and Team Competition Highlight to ZKG Vimeo Channel , check this album, 7 videos now! Zhenya looks sooo young and fresh at that time…Time fly!
European Championships Baku 2007

Individual Event Finals-European Championships Baku 2007-RUS Sport TV

Evgenia Kanaeva-Ribbon Final-EC Baku 2007-RUS Sport TV

Award Ceremony-Team Competition-EC Baku 2007-RUS Sport TV

Evgenia Kanaeva-Ribbon-Team Competition-EC Baku 2007-Eurosport

Evgenia Kanaeva-Ribbon Final-EC Baku 2007-Eurosport

News Report-EC Baku 2007 with short Zhenya interview

Zhenya’s interview translation, thanks my friend catts!
Reporter: Why are you so upset?
Zhenya: I am not upset (laugh). It is just that I am happy to perform here … It (refers to the victory) was due to great coaching, constant perseverance, constant criticism, always

Team Competition-Highlight+Award Ceremony-RUS Sport TV
(No Zhenya’s ribbon)

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5 Responses to Video: European Championships Baku 2007 @ZKG Vimeo Channel

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Uploaded Team Competition-Highlight+Award Ceremony-RUS Sport TV, No Zhenya’s ribbon…
    gymnasts were showed: Almudena CID (club), Simona Peycheva (ribbon), Anna Bessonova (rope), Irina Risenzon (rope), Anna Gurbanova (hoop), Irina Risenzon (club), Alia Garayev (ribbon), Svetlana Rudalova (rope)

  2. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Hi Tanya, for me her attitude always executes bad, and some others such as arabesque…her free leg always up and down and in low position and her backscale really terrible…do you saw her leg moved and her head was much away from her leg when she did backscale, but I just remeber backscale is not pivot, it’s flexibility XD moreover she sometimes hops and with big movement in her pivots…

  3. Tatiana says:

    @ZKG -WanWan well, i wouldn’t say bessonova’s pirouettes were bad, actually they were pretty good. At least one of commentator choreographer of russian national team Veronika Shatkova (former ballerina) said that her passe pirouettes were great and fouettes too. There were some pivots which she wasn’t finishing clearly. As i said her balances were really horrible.

  4. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Tanya: I agree with you, Garaeva did well in this EF, for me she and Peycheva both deserved on the podium in ribbon…for me Moni is better than Bess in ribbon…well Bessonova’s pivots is bad as always…free leg up and down and her backscale is terrible in all her routines. And yes Moni’s hoop is great! I prefer Moni’s than Daria K, well I mentioned Kondakova because they use same music for hoop, I think Moni’s is original…and I think Simona Peycheva is that one really underscored not others…

  5. Tatiana says:

    Thank you for uploading these videos. Well, i watched finals and I liked this competition. Garayeva deserved gold with rope she performed stanning leaps and jumps. Vera Sesina wasn’t in her best shape i think, i didn’t like her performance. Zhenya performed her ribbon really good, even though I think that in Corbeil she did better. Kapranova was really good with hoop, I always liked her hoop especially 2008. Bessonova wasn’t in best shape either. Only ribbon she performed good; rope, hoop with some mistakes, and her clubs were horrible. 1st element which she always starts from was performed awful, she “jumped” that element and actually re-did it twice. And also I think that Aliya Garayeva deserved bronze with ribbon, she impressed me more than Sesina and she did clean her routine. And Simona Peycheva did wonderful hoop, her pirouettes were impressing 🙂

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