Poll of July: Vote Your Favorite Zhenya Competition, Max 5!

Poll of July! Vote your favorite Zhenya competition, maximum 5 tournaments! Basically the answer will go with senior competitions, I listed those major competitions (EC, WCH and OG) + some good events that I love ❤ you can add other competitions that you like…Vote and leave your comment!

My favorite always is WCH Mie 2009! such an emotional competition, even Zhenya was not that perfect in Mie, but I saw many characters of Zhenya in this competition…I never get bored of it, maybe before this competition many people would think Zhenya will gonna to win everything and she did it! but I couldn’t image it finally ended like this, so difficult, so struggle, so touching and so beautiful ❤…I think I love Mie 2009 more than Beijing 2008 also because OG Beijing is my first time to watch Zhenya’s performance, I was a very new for RG at that time, I didn’t know anything about RG, I just felt this innocent, fresh girl was amazing, so wonderful! She is perfect! She seems didn’t afraid of anything, she has strong mind!!! I just enjoyed her routines without any worries…for me for sure Zhenya would win Olympic Champion without doubt! But when time went to 2009, went to WCH Mie, things changed I have supported Zhenya over one year, I followed her every competitions since OG Beijing 2008, I saw Zhenya was suffered in many competitions, her foot, knee and back injury…plus crazy schedule for Zhenya in 2009!!! It’s too exhausted for her before Mie, therefore I was very worried when I was watching universal sport live broadcast, the atmosphere is sooo tense, I was very nervous in the first 5 days! My heart just like hung in the air till the AA final day was over…more over the organization of Mie is sooo good!!!the competition hall, the broadcast, the background music in broadcast and the award ceremony, the podium…everything is sooo great! Even Montpellier 2011 doesn’t come yet but compare the tickets system and the efficiency, Mie is better than Montpellier…

Anyway my top 5 is 1. WCH Mie 2009 AA final 2. OG Beijing 2008 AA final 3. EC Torino 2008 AA Final 4. WC Corbeil 2011 EF 5. WC Corbeil 2007 EF
I hope Montpellier 2011 will become one of my favorite competitions 🙂

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6 Responses to Poll of July: Vote Your Favorite Zhenya Competition, Max 5!

  1. Ana says:

    Beijing, 2009 Universiade, 2009 WC, 2009 EC EF, and Corbeil 2011/Thiais.

  2. ZKG-WanWan says:

    同意喵喵! Mie世錦跟北京奧運真是永難忘懷 unforgettable!!!…對我而言, 北京奧運是我初次認識小兔寶的比賽, 等於是一切的源頭, 沒有北京奧運所有的這一切都不會存在, 我跟Kanaeva家族的聯繫, ZKG, 我所有的這些情感…而Mie世錦讓我提千次, 萬次, N次, 無限次都還是好愛好愛 ❤ 這比賽的劇本走向完全不在意料之中, 小兔寶破紀錄拿下六面金牌也許不算太意外 (其實是很難的啊) 但有人能預料到這中間的過程會是如此的艱辛, 痛苦, 掙扎, 困難, 而最終卻如此感人而美麗的結束嗎? 至少我是猜不到的…我每每想起那年的九月, 我的心總還是會起一陣波動…
    BTW, 我是比較奇怪, 大多數人都會選自己有到現場看的比賽, 我至今也就看過高雄世運一場現場而已, 但這場比賽卻不在我的top 5裡頭…當時是看的很虐心, 只是其他比賽更讓我印象深刻

  3. feeva says:

    I’m not following RG closely but MIE and Beijing Olys are unforgettable. Then it’s Calais 2003 – because it was the first time I saw her and I was very much impressed…so talented. So cute!xd

  4. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Zhenya Mom Svetlana’s favorite AA Final are OG Beijing 2008 and WCH Moscow 2010, she told me in her letter to me…it’s because Svetlana mentioned about this in her letter then inspired me to make this poll 😀
    小兔媽媽在信中跟我說, 她最愛的AA Final 是OG Beijing 2008 跟 WCH Moscow 2010, 她應該就是喜歡自己有在現場看的比賽…呵呵 其實是因為她信中那句話才我想到做這個票選 😀

  5. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Some other competitions I love too but not in this poll list: Aeon Cup 2004 and GP Thiais 2011…

    Sorry I forgot one very good competition: GP Final Berlin 2009, even it’s not in my top 5, but I love it very much too!!! more than GP Berlin 2010, added GP Final Berlin 2009 to the poll list!

  6. Michel says:

    I don’t have all the competitions in my mind, but on these I can me remember. So they must have been good 😉 Not in a order: Thiais 08; OG 08; EC 09; WC 09; EC 10

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