Announcement: ZKG Special Video Channel+EF EC Minsk 2011 on ZKG Vimeo Now!

Dear All:

I upgraded ZKG Vimeo account to “Plus” today, from now on I will mainly use Vimeo as ZKG’s special video channel. And I created “Video” page on ZKG, listed all videos on ZKG Vimeo Account (update continuously…) Why I choose Vimeo not Youtube, here’s my reasons
1. Vimeo doesn’t have time limit for videos
2. I thought Vimeo’s video quality better than youtube
3. Vimeo won’t block your videos often like youtube. (right now all Zhenya’s Chopin ribbon videos are blocked in Germany in youtube due to the music…same with her hoop videos.)
4. Vimeo’s options are better than Youtube, such as the thumbnail  of a video, for Youtube you only have three photos to choose, but Vimeo provides more and if you don’t like any of them, you can snapshot one and upload, this is a very good option in my opinion!

I uploaded EF-EC Minsk 2011+Clubs &Ribbon-Qualification-EC Minsk2011 Spanish TV full coverage to ZKG Vimeo account
Here you are
Clubs+Ribbon-Finals-EC Minsk 2011-Spanish TV

Hoop+Ball Finals-EC Minsk 2011-Spanish TV

Clubs & Ribbon-Qualification-EC Minsk 2011-Spanish TV

Enjoy your watching, and I will upload more complete RG competitions videos to ZKG Vimeo account in the future…

Zoe Wan

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1 Response to Announcement: ZKG Special Video Channel+EF EC Minsk 2011 on ZKG Vimeo Now!

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Uploaded “Clubs and Ribbon-Qualification-EC Minsk 2011-Spanish TV” full coverage to Vimeo

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