Picture of the Day: Zhenya as paparazzi (Tom Theobald)

photo by Tom Theobald http://www.tomtheobald.com/previous.htm
This photo was taken in GP Holon 2010,when the competition was over gymnasts、coaches and photographers etc..had a daytrip to Jerusalem.
What make me thought that this photo interesting is Tom’s comment about Zhenya: “Evgeniya Kanaeva as paparazzi (with Barny’s camera):) Cheers, -T” XDD
His words let me felt Zhenya cuter in this photo 紅心

and here’s Marc’s video about the daytrip to Jerusalem!

每日一圖: 小兔寶當狗仔隊 (Tom Theobald)

這張照片是Tom拍攝於去年的GP Holon,當時比賽結束後,教練跟選手們還有攝影師等一起去遊Jerusalem。讓我覺得有趣的是Tom對照片中Zhenya的comment: “Evgeniya Kanaeva as paparazzi (with Barny’s camera):) Cheers, -T” 意思是小兔寶拿著Barny巴大叔的相機當起狗仔隊。XDD

還有 Marc當時也有拍攝影片,請看上面的youtube影片!

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6 Responses to Picture of the Day: Zhenya as paparazzi (Tom Theobald)

  1. Michel: Thank you very much for correcting me!!
    Ana: I love that photo too and another one-Zhenya, Dmitrieva and Donich 🙂

    and here’s the 2 photos taken by Zhenya (links from Barny’s website)

  2. Michel says:

    Normally I don’t say anything in case of typing errors, because I do myself a lot ;). But I find with surnames, it’s discourteously not to change them.

  3. Ana says:


    I like when we´re able to watch videos of the gymnasts on a normal day enyojing themselves 🙂

    there was one photo os that trip, I think it was taken by Barny(and you also can see a bit of that in the video) where Dmitrieva and Trofimova are posing and Zhenya shows up behind them making a funny face, that photo cracks me up all the time 🙂

  4. Tatiana : You are welcome, actually thanks to Marc and Tom of course 🙂 and Thank you very much for telling us what Zhenya said in the video 🙂
    and here’s another video by Marc: Trip to Dead Sea and Banquet Party, if you have not seen it.

  5. Tatiana says:

    Thanks so much for posting it :))) so nice to see that Zhenya and other girls enjoy their time. Hehe and Zhenya said very funny thing when the girls together jumped for foto, she said something like: “Like elephants” :D:D:D

  6. Sorry Ana and Michel! because I typed Tom’s surname wrong in the title of the previous post $$$ even I change the title, the link of this article will stay same and appear the wrong Tom’s surname in the URL, that’s not good for me even the mistake is in the URL, I deleted the previous one and created a new post. so your comments disappear, sorry about that!!!

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