Zhenya will take part in Miss Valentine 2011-10-13 Feb!

**Edit: Zhenya didn’t participate this event!!! Sorry about that. And the organization of Miss Valentine doesn’t correct their list till now…

YA!!!!!! The participants list was released finally, and Zhenya’s name is there!!!!!!!!
Thanks Janika for the list! and Janika also confirmed Zhenya will do all new programs in this competition!!! 
GO Zhenya!!!!!! Davai Davai Davai !!!!!!!!!!
Screenshot of the List, Zhenya’s name is in the bottom.
Click for big size photo!

Official website: http://www.vkjanika.ee/index.php?page=25&lang=est
Timetable: http://www.vkjanika.ee/index.php?page=205&lang=est
And Live stream here, register and pay 9 euros to watch live…

BTW, I created a micro-blog @sina:
Chinese friends, you can check the newest update of my blog there!
**更正: 最終小兔寶沒參加這個比賽,Sorry! MV官網的參賽名單上至今仍有小兔寶的名字…

小兔寶下週末要比賽了,Miss Valentine!!!!!! rsg.net上名單出來了小兔媽媽是對的, 她本就說有可能比GP Moscow早,這下有新成套可以看了, YA!!!!!!
名單請看上圖,感謝Janika!!! Janika也確認了小兔寶會表演所有的新成套!!!
加油 小兔寶 加油 !!!!! DAVAI DAVAI DAVAI !!!!!

官方網站: http://www.vkjanika.ee/index.php?page=25&lang=est
賽程: http://www.vkjanika.ee/index.php?page=205&lang=est
比賽線上直撥網址: 要付費,先註冊然後付9歐元才能看


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12 Responses to Zhenya will take part in Miss Valentine 2011-10-13 Feb!

  1. NO ZHENYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am totally fouled by the organization, this is really terrible. I paid 9 euros just for Zhenya!!!!!!!! I should listen to Viner

  2. Michel says:

    That’s mean, right before the broadcast to say that one must pay. Ok, I can’t see it maybe. One of my eight uncles is celebrating his 60th Birthday at weekend.

  3. Now you need to register and pay 9 euros to watch the on-line broadcast
    and here’s the start list, Zhenya is no.36
    11.Feb.2011 (Hoop & Ball)

    Click to access 05-Sen%20ind%20ja%20AGG%2010-12.pdf

    12.Feb.2011 (Clubs & Ribbon)

    Click to access 013-%20Sen%20ind%20ja%20AGG%2012-14.pdf

  4. Joao my dear friend: you are welcome, many thanks to your art design! It colored this article ♥

  5. João Lucas says:

    So cutee article, my friend, congratulations ♥

  6. It is confirmed, Zhenya will do all new routines @Miss Valentine 2011!!!
    Thanks Janika 🙂

  7. Laura says:

    Davai Zhenechka!
    I also loved and I’m still loving Zhenyas’ clubs 2008. Hope this year they are much better!
    I can’t wait more.. =P

  8. BTW, this is my 200th articles (posts) in Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium!!! 😀

  9. Ah haha I have my reason…do you notice I only choose clubs photos, because clubs will be the new apparatus this year that’s why I used photos from EC Torino and OG 2008. That’s the latest year of the clubs routine, and 2008 is Zhenya’s BEST year IMO.

  10. Michel says:

    I see it UKR *lol*…. But why do you have chosen pictures from the Olympics and Torino and nothing of e.g. Miss Valentine 2009? I find old phots from MV fits here better 😉

  11. lol I found the clubs photo in EC Torino 2008 taken by Tom Theobald, the nationality of Zhenya is wrong…Tom wrote: UKR…

  12. Michel says:

    Ahhh finally… go Sweet Lemon go!!!!!

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