Translation: Zhenya-TV Interview-Sports Week-after WCH Moscow-27.Sep.2010

English Translated by Tatiana

Dmitry Guberniev (D.G.): And now I’m glad to introduce the guest of our program. She is an absolute star of Russian and The world sport, An Olympic Champion, the winner of 4 gold medals of recently finished RG World Championship in Moscow – Evgenia Kanaeva. Well, actually there is no need in introduction. Because, Zhenya, the person who doesn’t know you is ignoramus in my opinion (simply speaking). Hello!!

Evgenia Kanaeva (E.K.): “Hello”

D.G.: Thank you very much for that pleasure (joy) you brought to us being once again at the absolute top of pedestal in WCH in Moscow. It is said that it’s always harder to compete (perform) at home. Can it be an explanation to the fact that Kanaeva 1st time for many years (I start from not very pleasant point) lost, won 1 silver medal and let the girls to win in another apparatus. “She was nervous” – people say.

E.K.: No. Actually, it was amazing to perform at home, especially the last day. The Friday was the most important day, the day of AA, of the most important medal. And many people came there, that’s why probably I was performing more successfully that day.
And the thing that I lost… Well, at the last World Championship it happened 1st time in history that someone won 6 golden medals: the finals and AA. In general it happens rarely because everyone is a human-being and no one is a robot, no one can be perfect.

D.G.: In the sport world the awareness of responsibility for Kanaeva is brought to minimum. Because we know well (spoiled by you, Irina Vinner, Vera Schtelbaums – your great coach) that where gymnastics is, where Kanaeva is then there is a victory. However, there is a Golden Pedestal, we choose the best sportsman of Russia, month, then year. Last year you were a record-holder by the amount of nominations. You were among the strongest 4 times but you didn’t win. How can you explain that?

E.K.: Well, I think that soccer, hockey are more popular sports, that’s why more votes”

D.G: Nonsense!!! It’s just because everyone is used to. There are sportsmen who appear suddenly, win something and then disappears, despite of you who is present always. You are an Absolute Champion. But finally on April justice triumphed, you have become the best sportsman of the Month. Let’s take a look how it was, because I’ll vote for you as for the Best Sportsman of the year.

The episode of the election of “The best sportsman of April”. They show last 30 secs of votes. And Evgenia Kanaeva had an advantage of 4%. As result Evgenia won and has become the best sportsman of April 2010. Zhenya was ahead of I.Nikulin, who was close to win this title.

D.G.: Charming Evgenia Kanaeva is our guest today. Do you know who I. Nikulin (asking Zhenya) is?”
E.K.: No (Zhenya smiling)

D.G.: He is a hockey player of Kazan “Akbars”(hockey club), champion of Russia, the player of national team, the person who almost won the title of the best sportsman of April. And you are Evgenia Kanaeva!! How many times you are world champion?
E.K.: 11 times

D.G.: 11 times world champion, the champion of Olympic Games!!! Well, let’s continue. The London is soon. And everybody wants to know how are you gonna be preparing to it. And as I understand you will have new programs. What can you say?
E.K.: Well, the clubs routine is coming and the rope is taken out, so that we are allowed to compete in 4 apparatus, and we change programs every year. This year is year of selection for Olympic games.

*2 screens: Zhenya’s routines and Zhenya.

D.G.: Are you afraid?
E.K.: No, I’m not (smiling)

D.G.: But the rivalry even inside the team is big.
E.K.: You know I have next attitude to the rivalry. Yes, there are a lot of talented gymnasts in Russia and all of them want to win and to become a part of national team, but I don’t  think about it. I’m trying to train, and to perform for audience. (Zhenya’s routines with rope and hoop on the 2nd screen).

D.G.: What do you eat to be the best on the planet?
E.K.: A little of everything (Zhenya’s ball routine is being shown)

D.G.: What means “Little of everything”. For example, when you arrive home today can you eat piece of cake?
E.K.: No, I don’t want it now (laughing)

D.G.: But is it allowed in theory? The competition is over.
E.K.: Yes

D.G.: OK, then what do you eat. Could you tell us more detailed? (Zhenya’s ribbon routine is being shown)
E.K.: In the morning I like eating curd, in the afternoon I can eat some meat, kefir is for the evening, something else…

D.G.: Well, it’s not a reach ration. What about fried eggs for example? 5 fried eggs?
E.K.: Yes, sometimes, but not 5 eggs (laughing)

D.G.: And what is your weight? I’m sorry for not polite question.
E.K.: It’s a secret (Zhenya’s hoop routine is being shown)

D.G.: Approximately may be ?
E.K.: A Lot

D.G. : So you think a lot? A lot for gymnast?
E.K.: Yes

D.G.: OK, then how much you need to loose?
E.K.: 2-3 kgs

D.G.: How are you going to lose it? Sauna?
E.K.: Well, yes, sauna helps (smiling). But in general by training.

D.G.: Someone said, may be even Irina Aleksandrovna (Viner): -What to do in order to lose the weight? – Ne jrat’!!!!(Not to eat!!!)
E.K.: Yes, it also can help. But training is better (Zhenya’s rope routine is being shown)

D.G.: How  many hours per day the training is? I think that rhythmic gymnasts and synchronized swimmers are record-holders in that. The last ones are training 8-9 hours a day.
E.K.: Well, approximately the same.

D.G.: Please, tell us in details. How does normal day starts in Novogorsk?
E.K.: Choreography is at the beginning. 1.5 hours. Then training, 4 hours minimum.

D.G.: 4 hours!!!!!! (exclamation)
E.K.: Yes, depending on how I work. Then 1.5-2 hours of rest. And then 4 hours more – second training.

D.G. calculating: 9.5 hours you spend at the gym? (the training is being shown)
E.K.: Well, it’s only when we are preparing program, but before starts (competition) 3-4 hours usually.

D.G.: Please, explain us how is possible to hold this pressure?
E.K: Well, I understand that RG is short career sport, most of gymnasts are leaving being 23-24 years old. I know that it will be over soon so I’m trying to work out maximum now.

D.G.: Well, “Soon”, and when this “Soon” will be for you? For example I don’t want it to happen; I want you to be always.
E.K.: Always is impossible, sooner or later it will be over. (laughing)

D.G.: And how long time you are planning to stay.
E.K.: I would love to participate in Olympics 2012, and then let’s see.

D.G: So, there is a chance that you will compete next four years after 2012 Olympics, where I hope you’ll become a champion once again.
E.K.: No, 1st I have to get there. (laughing)

D.G.: And why don’t you look in the future? Evgenia Kanaeva who wins in this world everything…
E.K.: Anything can happen, anything.

D.G.: What anything? You are an absolute leader!!
E.K.: There are no absolute leaders in this world. If I think like that I’ll go down.

D.G.: And how do you motivate yourself being always the best. Well, OK, you didn’t win everything this time. But before?
E.K.: I lost this time in finals. It was hard morally. I stopped thinking about medals, about scores. I just competed keeping in mind that I like it, with joy, performing how I can perform. And I succeed.

D.G.: Do you sleep well before finals?
E.K.: During this World Championship not really.

D.G.: Why?
E.K.: I don’t know.

D.G: Moscow is the city of temptation. You wanted to go out may be, didn’t you?
E.K.: No, I was too tired.

D.G.: And how do you think: why representatives of other sports of Russia go out a lot, but gymnasts weren’t seen anywhere?
E.K.: Probably because we are training more.

D.G.: It was Evgenia Kanaeva – 2 times absolute world champion, the winner of 4 gold medals in the last WCH in Moscow. Evgenia I make the last question for today: How long time you are going to rest?
E.K.: 2 days.

D.G.: 2 days???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then again 10 hours at the gym???
E.K.: Less, after competition.

D.G. (with kind irony): Ahh, less, it means 6-7 hours?
E.K.: Yes

D.G.: That is the secret of victory and success: You just need to work damn hard as Kanaeva, and then you’ll become “cool girl or guy”.

Thank you very much, Evgenia, that you came today, thank you for this joy you bring us!!!

D.G. : You look gorgeous!!!! But those sponsors who made you to come in sport suite were deeply wrong. Because the beautiful girl, especially after competition, shouldn’t wear sport suite. But it’s a little reproach to the sponsors from me.
中譯: Zoe Wan

Dmitry Guberniev (D.G.): 現在我很高興的介紹今天節目的特別來賓,她是俄羅斯跟世界運動的明星,奧運冠軍,最近剛結束的莫斯科世錦賽四面金牌得主- Evgenia Kanaeva。其實不需要介紹,因為,Zhenya,不認識你的人在我看來根本是糊塗。妳好!!

Evgenia Kanaeva (E.K.): “你好”

D.G.: 非常謝謝妳帶給我們的榮耀,在莫斯科世錦賽再一次的站在頒獎台的最頂端。據說在家裡比賽總是比較困難,這是否可以解釋這麼多年來Kanaeva第一次輸了 (我以不是很開心的話題為開場),只拿到銀牌,而讓其他女孩贏得其他器械。大家說: “她在緊張”。

E.K.: 不,在家比賽是很棒的,尤其是最後一天。星期五是最重要的一天,AA決賽,最重要的獎牌。很多人到現場,這也許是為什麼那天我表現得更出色。關於我輸了的事…嗯,上一屆的世錦賽,史上有人首度贏得6面金牌,所有單項跟全能 (Note by Zoe Wan: 說的就是Zhenya她自己了)。通常,這是很罕見的,因為大家都是人,沒有人是機器,沒有人是完美的。

D.G.: 在體育界,很少會意識到Kanaeva的責任。因為我們都知道 (被妳、Irina Vinner、Vera Schtelbaums – 妳偉大的教練,寵壞了) ,哪裡有韻律體操,哪裡有Kanaeva,就有勝利。然而,有個»黃金的獎座票選,我們投票選出俄羅斯最佳的運動員,先是單月最佳,然後是年度最佳。去年妳是被提名次數的記錄保持者。妳總共被提名單月最佳四次,但都沒有贏,妳怎麼解釋?

E.K.: 呃,我想足球跟曲棍球是更受歡迎的運動,這是為什麼票會比較多。

D.G: 胡說!!! 這只是因為大家都習以為常,總是有人突然出現,贏了,然後又突然消失。卻不在意妳始終如一。妳是一個絕對的冠軍。終於,四月份時,正義獲勝,妳成為當月最佳運動員。讓我們回顧一下票選過程,因為我會在年度最佳運動員投妳一票。

**四月最佳運動員票選之影片回顧。播出票選的最後30秒 。而Evgenia領先4%,最終她贏得票選,成為四月份最佳運動員。Zhenya領先I.Nikulin,他差點贏得這次票選。

D.G.: 迷人的Evgenia Kanaeva是我們今天的特別來賓。妳知道I.Nikulin嗎? (問Zhenya)
E.K.: 不知道  (笑)

D.G.: 他是曲棍球選手,屬於Kazan “Akbars” 俱樂部。俄羅斯的冠軍,國家隊選手,他差點贏得四月份最佳運動員。而妳是Evgenia Kanaeva!! 妳總共贏了幾次世界冠軍?
E.K.: 11次

D.G.: 11次世界冠軍,跟奧運冠軍!!! 好,讓我們繼續。倫敦奧運快到了。大家都想知道妳將如何備戰。據我所知,妳會有新成套。妳能說一下嗎?
E.K.: 呃,棍棒in and 繩子 out,所以我們還是比四項器械,且我們每年都更換成套。今年是奧運選拔年。

*2個畫面: Zhenya的成套跟Zhenya.

D.G.: 妳害怕嗎?
E.K.: 不,我不怕 (笑)

D.G.: 但對手,即使是在自己隊裡,是很強的。
E.K.: 你知道,對手對我而言是其次。沒錯,在俄羅斯有很多很有天分的選手,她們都想贏,想成為國家隊的一員,但我不會去想它。我專注於訓練,為觀眾表演 (第二個畫面播出Zhenya的繩跟環)。

D.G.: 妳吃什麼讓自己成為世界最好?
E.K.: 每樣都一點 (同時播出Zhenya的球)

D.G.: 每樣都一點是什麼意思? 譬如,今天妳回家後可以吃一塊蛋糕嗎?
E.K.: 不,我現在不想吃蛋糕 (笑)。

D.G.: 但理論上這是被允許的? 比賽已經結束了。
E.K.: 是的

D.G.: OK,那麼妳吃什麼? 可以告訴我們更多細節嗎? (同時播出Zhenya的彩帶)
E.K.: 早上的時候我喜歡吃凝乳,下午的時候我可以吃一些肉,傍晚時喝kefir (酸奶/ 牛奶酒),跟其他…

D.G.: 嗯,這並不是很豐盛。那麼會吃例如炒蛋之類的嗎? 5個炒蛋?
E.K.: 是的,有時候,但不是5個炒蛋 (笑)

D.G.: 妳的體重多少? 很抱歉問這不禮貌的問題。
E.K.: 這是秘密。(同時播出Zhenya的環)

D.G.: 大約多少?
E.K.: 很重

D.G. : 所以妳認為太重? 對於體操選手太重嗎?
E.K.: 是的

D.G.: OK,那麼妳應該減多少重量?
E.K.: 2-3 公斤

D.G.: 妳打算如何減重? 桑拿浴?
E.K.: 呃,是,桑拿浴是有幫助 (笑)。但通常是靠訓練。

D.G.: 有人說,也許Irina Aleksandrovna (Viner)也說過: 如何減輕重量? – Ne jrat’!!!!(不要吃!!!)
E.K.: 是,這也有幫助。但靠訓練比較好 (同時播出Zhenya的繩。)

D.G.:  妳每天訓練幾個小時? 我想韻律體操跟水上芭蕾 (花樣游泳) 是記錄保持者。後者一天訓練8-9個小時。
E.K.: 嗯,大約是一樣的。

D.G.: 請告訴我們細節。在 Novogorsk平常的日子是怎麼開始的?
E.K.: 首先,編舞1.5小時。然後訓練最少4小時。

D.G.: 4小時!!!!!! (大叫 )
E.K.: 是的,要看我練的成效 如何。然後休息1.5到2小時。然後再練4小時。

D.G. 計算中: 妳一天花9.5小時待在體操館? (播出Zhenya訓練畫面 –是2009年WCH Mie結束後,Zhenya回到OMSK,在那邊的RG學校教小朋友)
E.K.: 嗯,這只有在當我們準備新成套的時候。但比賽前,通常是3-4小時。

D.G.: 請向我們解釋如何應付這樣的壓力?
E.K: 我知道韻律體操的生涯週期很短,大多數的選手約在23-24歲退役。我知道我的運動生涯很快就會結束,所以現階段我試著追求極限。

D.G.: 那麼對妳而言這個»很快» 是指什麼時候? 我不希望這件事發生,我希望你永遠都在。
E.K.: 永遠是不可能的。或遲或早,終究會結束 (笑)。

D.G.: 那麼妳打算待多久?
E.K.: 我希望能參加2012奧運,之後我們在看著辦。

D.G: 所以這是有機會的,2012奧運後妳會再繼續比賽 4年, 我希望妳能在2012再一次成為奧運冠軍。
E.K.: 不,首先我必須能夠入選奧運代表隊 (笑)。

D.G.: 為什麼妳不展望未來? Evgenia Kanaeva 已經在世界上贏盡一切。
E.K.: 任何事都可能發生,任何事…

D.G.: 什麼任何事? 你是絕對的領導者…
E.K.: 世界上沒有絕對的領導者。如果我這樣想,我就會走下坡。

D.G.: 妳如何激勵自己永遠成為最好? OK,這一次妳沒有全部都贏,但在這之前呢?
E.K.: 我這一次輸的是單項決賽,實際上這很困難 (指她輸了這件事)。但我試著停止去想獎牌跟分數。我只是帶著喜悅的心情去比賽,想著這是我喜歡做的事,展現我能做到的。而我成功了。

D.G.: 決賽前妳睡的好嗎?
E.K.: 事實上,世錦賽這段時間,睡的不好。

D.G.: 為什麼?
E.K.: 我不知道

D.G: 莫斯科是個誘惑之城。也許妳想出去逛,不是嗎?
E.K.: 不,我太累了。

D.G.: 為什麼其他運動的選手經常外出,而體操選手卻很少被看到,妳的看法是?
E.K.: 可能是因為我們訓練的時間比較多。

D.G.: 這是Evgenia Kanaeva – 2 次世錦賽全能冠軍,莫斯科世錦賽四面金牌得主。Evgenia,問妳最後一個問題: 妳打算休息多久? (指世錦賽後)
E.K.: 2天

D.G.: 2天???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 然後再度花10小時在體操館???
E.K.: 比賽完後會少 一點

D.G. (帶著一點嘲諷的語氣): 啊,少一點是指6-7小時嗎?
E.K.: 是的

D.G.: 這是勝利跟成功的秘訣。妳必須練的像Kanaeva這樣刻苦,那麼妳就會成為酷女孩或男孩。


D.G. : 妳看起來非常美麗!!! 但妳的贊助商讓妳穿著運動服來上節目真是大錯特錯。因為漂亮的女孩,特別是比賽後,不應該穿運動服。這是我對贊助商的一點非難。

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  1. Dina says:

    Thanks for the English translation!!! 😀

  2. 加上中譯! Added Chinese translation!

  3. @Laura: It’s OK. and Thank you so much for your greeting

  4. Laura says:

    Tatiana, billions thanks for your translation!
    )) I agree: “But those sponsors who made you to come in sport suite were deeply wrong. Because the beautiful girl, especially after competition, shouldn’t wear sport suite”
    Anyway, as the interviewer said she (always) looks gorgeous 😉

    @ Zoe, I didn’t know nothing about Chinesse new year =S I’ve to study a lot, and when it happens to me the world ends… not social life for me.. ¬¬
    So Happy New Year of Rabbit!!

  5. Tatiana: I see, thanks for your explanation! Seems you know the orient legend much better than me $ and Thanks for your congratulation 🙂

  6. Tatiana says:

    @Wan Wan and catts: because I read that there are several years when the animal isn’t known for sure, by the legend at the moment 4th animal came to Budda there was mist so no one could see clearly who was it: Rabbit or Cat 🙂 This is why I said that 🙂

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    Thank You Very Much Joao !!!!! This banner is sooooooo beautiful and perfect ♥♥♥

    @Tatiana: Why “Cat”? There is no cat in Chinese 12 Zodiac signs.

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  10. Tatiana!
    Thank You Thank You VERY VERY MUCH!!!!! Finally I can understand this interview.
    It’s such a wonderful Chinese New Year gift for me. 🙂 (Tomorrow is Chinese New Year)
    Happy the year of Rabbit to Tatiana and to Everyone!!! (2011 is the year of Rabbit in Lunar Calendar. and we Chinese fans nicknamed Zhenya “Little Bunny”=小兔寶 🙂 So I can say it’s her year in 2011 :D)

    Back to this interview, it’s funny the anchorman is so hysterical at some points and Zhenya stays calm 🙂 I love when Zhenya talked about 2012OG…Her will is firm but she stays on the ground doesn’t look in the air. ♥ This is very good and right attitude!

    @Ana: It’s “curd” not “crud” 🙂 It’s a dairy product.

  11. Ana says:

    thank you very much Tatiana for the translation!!

    my favorite part:
    “You know I have next attitude to the rivalry. Yes, there are a lot of talented gymnasts in Russia and all of them want to win and to become a part of national team, but I don’t think about it. I’m trying to train, and to perform for audience” ♥ 🙂

    what is crud?? is it a cheese??

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