BOSCO Stands for Beautiful, Original, Sportive, Comfortable, Outstanding

stands for Beautiful, Original, Sportive, Comfortable, Outstanding
written by Alyona 

Although this is only my way of interpreting the name of the world famous brand, I am sure the above mentioned epithets perfectly describe all the outfits of Bosco Sport.

Except red sweat shirts with letters CCCP and t-shirts from Denis Simachev*, the Russian motives in Moscow are not really popular. Nevertheless, Bosco has decided to develop this very theme.
Coat of arms, inscription RUSSIA and Cheburashka** all together seem to be a bit of too much. But the time is creeping on. Olympic Games in Salt Lake had been a pilot balloon. After Athens people began to hunt for purses and shorts from Bosco Sport. By the time of the Olympics in Turin, Bosco have acquired its own chain of boutiques presenting expand collections.
Nowadays, in Bosco you can dress up from top to toe and in several layers. The jackets look nice and are quite suitable for going for a walk in the neighborhood. You can see their hats and scarves all over the town. Jumpsuits are snatched away a soon as they go on sale.
It may seem strange, but Russian Cheburashka in Italian installation seems to be going down a treat.

Official information

MOSCOW — Russian apparel brand Bosco Sport signed up as leading domestic sponsor of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi on Wednesday in a deal worth more than $100 million.

The agreement also makes Bosco Sport the exclusive outfitter of Russian Olympic teams for the upcoming Winter Games in Vancouver through the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Bosco Sport is the general sponsor of Russia’s Olympic Team. The company has produced sports uniforms for Russian athletes since 2002.
* Denis Simachev is a modern designer famous for his models with loud inscriptions. You can find more information on
** Cheburashka is an imaginary animal of a Russian cartoon. At present it is a symbol and talisman of Russia’s Olympic Team. You can read more information on this article: CHEBURASHKA–FROM AFRICA TO VANCOUVER!/pages/Bosco-Sport/142326482413?ref=sgm

Edit: Here’s a news about Bosco Sport:
Bosco di Ciliegi enters Ukraine
Bosco Sport registered a representative office in Ukraine under the name of Bosco Dnipro
In addition, the company has concluded an agreement with the Ukrainian Olympic team for the supply of its official team sportswear.

P.S. Created a “Zheny with National Team Uniform” photo album-40 PICS!
Zhenya with National Team Uniform-Bosco Sport
@SkyDrive: Zhenya wth National Team Uniform-Bosco Sport


This is the entering flash page of Bosco Sport Website. Now there is UKR’s Cheburashka!

BOSCO 代表 Beautiful, Original, Sportive, Comfortable, Outstanding
BOSCO 代表-美麗、原創、運動、舒適、傑出)
Written by Alyona, Chinese Translated by Zoe Wan

雖然這只是我自己對這個世界知名品牌其名稱的解讀。但我確定上面提到的形容詞完美的詮釋了Bosco Sport 的所有商品。

除了CCCP字樣的紅色汗衫跟Denis Simachev*的T-Shirts,俄羅斯主題在莫斯科並不是很受歡迎。儘管如此,Bosco 決定將這主題發揚光大。
雙頭鷹國徽、加RUSSIA的字樣跟Cheburashka,三個象徵擺在一起的外套似乎有些太過。但時間悄悄地流逝。2002年鹽湖城冬奧是個風向球,2004年雅典奧運後,人們開始搜尋Bosco Sport的手提包跟運動短褲。2006年Turin冬奧時,Bosco已經有自己專屬的連鎖專賣店展示它眾多的商品。
由義大利設計師幫Bosco設計俄羅斯的Cheburashka也許有點奇怪,但是產品越來越受到歡迎。(note: 最早的Bosco de Cillegi是義大利品牌)


MOSCOW-俄羅斯服飾品牌Bosco Sport在星期三簽約成為2014年Sochi冬奧的主要贊助商。這個合約總值超過1億。

這個合約也使得Bosco Sport成為即將來臨的溫哥華冬奧到2016年Rio de Janeiro夏季奧運的代表隊-隊服的獨家供應商。

Bosco Sport是俄羅斯奧運代表隊的主要贊助商。這個公司從2002年起幫俄羅斯運動員製作運動制服。

* Denis Simachev: 是當代有名的設計師以在衣服上的巨大題字聞名。個人官方網站:
** Cheburashka: 一部俄羅斯卡通中虛構的動物,現在它是俄羅斯奧運代表隊的象徵跟吉祥物。更多相關資訊可以看這篇文章: CHEBURASHKA–FROM AFRICA TO VANCOUVER

Bosco Sport 相關網站:!/pages/Bosco-Sport/142326482413?ref=sgm

Edit: 這裡有篇關於Bosco Sport的新聞:
Bosco di Ciliegi enters Ukraine
內容主要是說Bosco Sport在烏克蘭成立辦事處,公司名稱是Bosco Dnipro
看上面那張圖,Bosco Sport的官網入口已經有烏克蘭造型的Cheburashka,網站裡也能看到烏克蘭的衣服了。

P.S. Created a “Zheny with National Team Uniform” photo album-40 PICS!
Zhenya with National Team Uniform-Bosco Sport
Zhenya wth National Team Uniform-Bosco Sport

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7 Responses to BOSCO Stands for Beautiful, Original, Sportive, Comfortable, Outstanding

  1. Wan and catts says:

    @Michel:That photo was taken @World Cup Minsk 2009, I have it already, but thanks anyway

  2. Michel says:

    Another photo with different colored Bosco-suits:

  3. Michel says:

    @ ZoeYes, the white/black uniform of the football player looks really great. The colours refer, by the way, to the flag of Prussia. Hence, we have the combination already since 100 years.But that hasn\’t much to do with the olympics… I was referring to the uniform of the winter olympics. Furthermore, is the football uniform from "Adidas" and not from "Bogner".

  4. Wan and catts says:

    Created a "Zheny with National Team Uniform" photo album- 40 PICS!in Photobucket and SkyDrive, Link had alreday been added to the article!@Alyona, you are welcome :)@Michel, I think German National Uniform looks not bad. here many Taiwanese love German Football Team\’s Uniform

  5. alyona says:

    Zoe! You have found really wonderful pictures to illustrate the article! Now it looks complete)))). Thank you!

  6. Michel says:

    The most Bosco clothes look really great. I\’m a little jealous, because we in Germany don\’t have such a beautiful clothes for the Olympics. Bosco is a young and contemporary brand – the stylized flower and the bird looks simple and great. Not more and without folderol.In Germany, one need not wonder that the clothing for the winter games look a bit boring (that\’s my opinion), what should you expect when you use since 74 years (!!!) the same brand? (I say only the ski pants with the zebra look – ugly).

  7. Wan and catts says:

    BIG Thanks to Alyona for this article! Love your interpreting to the name "BOSCO" <333 It\’s really PERFECT!!!

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