Bandwidth and My Pro-Photobucket Account ON!

Recently,It often happened the photos of this spaces can NOT be showed and dowloaded! actually all the files – photos, music files and videos that I uploaded to MSN SkyDrive, become "BLANK" and can NOT be downloaded.

I am really annoied by this situation,happened too many times! At first,I am really glad that MSN provide such HUGE internet hardisk – 25GB for FREE. It’s really big and very convenient. But now I finally find out, SkyDrive has the "LIMIT of BANDWIDTH", this is the reason all the files that I shared can NOT be viewed and downloaded frequently! I don’t know "how much" about the "LIMIT of BANDWIDTH" of SkyDrive. But obviously, I need to find another place to put all the datas of this space!

From now on, I will upload all the photos and videos to "photobucket", I had already upgraded to Pro-account, so there is NO LIMIT for my account! I will transfer all the datas that I shared on this space to my photobucket account. Hopefully,msn space+photobucket can run smoothly!

here’s my photobucket account:

you can get all Zhenya Kanaeva’s relatived photos there. feel free to come, thank you!

BTW, re-upload "Little & Young Zhenya" photo album to photobucket and add more pics

我的MSN SkyDrive最近經常出狀況,圖片跟檔案不能下載。這陣子頻率實在太高了,不由得想是因為有流量限制嗎? 不然怎麼每次我公開分享檔案沒多久,畫面就變成一片空白無法下載。google了一下,果然,微軟雖然號稱SkyDrive無流量限制,但很明顯是有的,而且我想它提供的流量並不大。不然即始我這個space來人稍稍多一些,可又怎能跟那種一天幾千幾萬人的熱們網站比,就這樣的數量就經常發生超過限制。曾經我認為SkyDrive超好用,超大的容量 – 25GB真的是少有人及了。更何況這還是免費。不過顯然地,我得另覓網路硬碟空間。


以下就是我的photobucket account:

BTW,已經將"Little & Young Zhenya" photo album另傳到photobucket,並追加了一些照片

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2 Responses to Bandwidth and My Pro-Photobucket Account ON!

  1. Wan and catts says:

    @Motai, 呵, 我知道可以多註冊幾個帳號, 不過覺得這樣管起來很亂。photobucket的費用挺便宜的, 一年的費用不到我寄給Zhenya那大包裹郵資的一半。

  2. monv says:


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