What I feel…by Laura

What I feel?…

It’s not easy. When I think about it, I feel the impossible. My heart says to me something that I can’t decipher, a strange shiver covers all my body and finally my mind starts to dream. Then slowly, I can hear clearly that which my heart was trying to say me. Only two words. Rhythmic Gymnastic.

When you are the most innocent girl over the whole world and you need to do the most beautiful thing for you, you will fight for get it. When I was like this girl, I fought for Rhythmic Gymnastic, and I achieved it. This was the moment when the love for an art was born.

Then, you realise that you have devoted your feelings, your thoughts…ALL for this.

And the most important…you can’t stop.

I wanted to be happy and enjoy myself doing one of the most important things for me.

I loved going to other places and show my work. I loved seeing other gymnasts. I found so curious that they dreamed with Rhythmic Gymnastic too. Simply, I loved routines, ropes, hoops, clubs, ribbons and balls. I loved Rhythmic Gymnastic.

Later, somebody appeared in my life. She…these routines… She did incredible routines. I had never seen routines like these. My eyes followed her moves without blink. Her moves carried me to other place. A place where I don’t wanted to leave. I only could pronounce one word: PERFECTION. I couldn’t stop watching this incredible moves, this magnificent
elegance…I couldn’t stop watching her.

Then, I asked: who is she?? They answer me: She is EVGENIA KANAEVA.

Since then, I have never forgotten her name.

I have practised RG since I was a little girl. I had never seen a gymnast like her. Nobody had fascinated me as she did.

She has taught me. I didn’t know that impossible is nothing, I didn’t know that the phrase –My dream came true- was right, even I dare say I didn’t know exactly what was Rhythmic Gymnastic. She has taught me all of this and the most important she continues doing teaching me.

Simply, I can say that I admire her. I LOVE ZHENYA.


and Laura made some photo montages: download the original pics please check here

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6 Responses to What I feel…by Laura

  1. Laura says:

    I love your words Chunqing. Thank you so much.

  2. Chunqing says:

    Hi, Laura. Thanks for your sharing and I am totally touched by your words. Zhenya is a great gymnast and you are definitely a brave fan. Maybe everyone has an idol in his/her expertise area. There are three things I care most, the wisdom, the courage and the love and I think you own them all.

  3. Wan and catts says:

    little talk…in Russia is on the 10 days of holidays now-from 1st to 11th of Jan (Alyona told me…)and according to the on-line tracking system, @31 Dec. 2009 the parcel was still on customs for sorting not customs but EMS centerSo…Maybe have to wait to next week then Zhenya can get the parcel, I felt frustrated…I am expecting Zhenya can get our gifts today (She will be back to Novogorsk today), now the hope is almost dead, sigh…昨天我查了快捷郵件進度, 大包裹在12月31日時還在EMS center sorting, 然後Alyona告訴我, 1/1-1/11 是俄羅斯的新年假期 (對啊, 因為他們的聖誕節是1/7號). 所以可能要等下禮拜Zhenya才會收到大包裹了…我感到好挫折, 原本很熱烈期待Zhenya今天回去就能收到禮物, 現在這個希望幾乎破滅了……..

  4. Laura says:

    I\’m glad you like it!Thank you so much!

  5. alyona says:

    Laura, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and feeling about RG and Zhenya. You are a very brave person, because you have opened your soul and shared your innermost emotions with us. And as always, your photo montages are beautiful, and they are surely made with big love. Thank you!

  6. Wan and catts says:

    Many thanks Laura for your sharing and the beautiful photo montage. (Love)(Flowers)(Smile)

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