News: Breakthrough Award

Original Rusian Text was published on 14.Dec. 2009

translated by Alyona, many thanks to HER!

Thirty young people are nominated for a new national award called
“Breakthrough”. This award will be granted once in three years in eight
different categories. All the nominees are young people who have made a real
breakthrough in their professional field or public activities.

One of the nominees of this year is an Olympic Champion of 2008
in Rhythmic Gymnastics Evgenia Kanaeva,
who managed to win more than 20 gold medals in 2009 in
many events, among them European and World Championships.

jury consists of 11 people – politicians, famous sportsmen, scientists and
cultural workers. On the 17th of December they are going to choose
eight winners out of thirty. All the winners will sign an agreement with the
State and since then their interests will be presented by the State Youth
Agency, in other words they will be promoted and supported in all possible ways
by the state organization.

Note by Zoe Wan: hopefully Zhenya can be one of the winners!


Chinese translated by Zoe Wan

30 位年輕人被提名一個新的國家級獎項- "突破大獎"。這個獎項將會每三年舉辦一次,從八個不同的領域選出入圍者。所有的入圍者都是年輕人,他們在自己的專業領域或公開活動有重大突破。

今年入圍者之一是2008年奧運韻律體操個人全能冠軍-Evgenia Kanaeva,她在2009年從很多比賽活動中,贏了超過20面金牌,這些比賽活動包含歐洲錦標賽跟世界錦標賽。


Note by Zoe Wan: 希望Zhenya可以獲獎!

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4 Responses to News: Breakthrough Award

  1. Wan and catts says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!! Many thanks Alyona, thank you for THE GOOD NEWS. I just wake up and soooooooo happy to read this NEWS. CONGRATULATIONS ZHENYA !!!!!

  2. alyona says:

    Zhenya is the WINNER!!! I watched TV transmission. She came to stage to pick the award and she looked gorgeous, so elegant!!! Zhenya said: \’\’I want to thank my teachers – Vera Stelbaums and Irina Viner first of all. And also I want to thank all the people who supported me and believed in me! She was beautiful and she really deserved that award! I am so happy for her! This is a great point to finish this golden season 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    Hope she wins. She deserves to be one of them

  4. Wan and catts says:

    I want to give the credit to Alyona, thanks her for all!!!

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