Evgenia Kanaeva: Have I thought about winning 5 medals? No, of course …

many thanks to catts,he finally finished this article’s translation,
This article may be outdated but it helps us to have some idea on Zhenya’s feelings and thoughts during this year’s Universiade. Enjoy the read.

Published on 31.08.2009 (23:00)
The original author: Tonkacheeva Oksana (Russian)
The English text was translated and edited by catts

The University Games in Belgrade ended with the Russian national team confidently taking first place on the medals list. Our athletes won 76 medals altogether, in which 27 are gold. The RG competition was won by the Olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva. Today we bring you her Belgrade "abstract".

Expecting a debut
It is the first time in my career to take part in the University Games in Belgrade. When the competitions are new, you always have special feelings for them. It is not just about excitement – which is there of course, but also about how much sensation is at all the important moments. Here it is, a new boundary for you, and you should take all opportunities to give your best …

I flied to Belgrade after finishing my second year study at the Omsk physical culture institute, and thus the University Games has turned out to be my first competition for almost a month. Therefore, the stimulus to go and impress was considerable. Later, I realized the University Games is a ‘more-than-serious’ competition. Generally, for me, there is no tournament in which it is impossible to give my best. I have been brought up this way since childhood, and the head trainer of the national team Irina Aleksandrovna Viner never underestimates the status of any competition. Indeed, the University Games is almost like an Olympic Games. Perhaps in terms of nerve, tension and importance for the athletes, it is not quite at the level of the Olympic Games. But, take note, the word ‘solemn’ sounds similar … And both competitions take place every four years. And the competitors are the same as those with whom I performed on the OG carpet. Anna Bessonova, for example …

Day one: acquaintance to the University Game
… Upon arrival, we were taken to the athlete village from the airport. Although it does not appear to be as big as the one in Beijing (it does not have restaurant or cafe as the one for the OG, and thus we need to go off elsewhere for meals), there is a festival atmosphere. The space, flags, beautiful sportswear … buses with delegations shuttling here and there … However, my mood of having fun and going on holiday vanished very quickly. When we arrived, after getting our bags, we at once went for training. I adapted to training/competition mode immediately. Surprisingly, later, many people asked me, ‘how do you like the city? How is the country?’ I could not give any answer as I was not able to wander around the city or look at anything interesting. Such chance just did not come.

Many people may not believe but our lives are always like this: you get up in the morning, train, then you eat something, have a rest, and it is already time to get ready to perform. During the time of competition, you plunge yourself so deeply that as long as the competition lasts, nothing else is exciting or interesting at all. For me, Belgrade is like … the bus, the sports hall, training, hotel, a dream. I was there for 3 days, but all the time it was about competition … Perhaps I will upset someone by admitting that I did not pay much attention on how our national team members were doing. I was later told by the journalists that my medals have helped the national team to go top on the medals list …

Day two: all-around
On the first day of the RG competition, we performed in Individual All-Around. It is the most prestigious, as well as the most difficult, championship title. You execute 4 routines, and the result is calculated by adding up all the points. Upon stepping onto the carpet for the first 2 rotations, you could hear a voice inside you saying ‘get into gear’; some parts of you might have been feeling very cautious, but soon were all liberated. You needed to get used to the gymnasium, the carpet and the spectators. But AA is a marathon, it exhausts you. I remember, after arriving back to the hotel, at once I slept. There remained two days of competition, which would be ended with the finals on individual apparatus. However, we needed to analyze today’s performance in order to understand why the errors occurred. Despite the gold medals, I made mistakes in my routines!

Day three – individual apparatus
I remember, while I was on the bus on the next day, my head thought of all the details of the routines. It may appear to many people that the competitions on individual apparatus are easier to go through. Not at all. In AA, you can use other routines to compensate your worse performance; here you only have one chance to be first. And, for me, as I have already mentioned, not everything in my routines turned out. My physical form was not at its peak, and the previous long break also affected me. I was out of breath all the time, my feet and hands were little a bit stiff … In short, I was far from perfect. But I tried not to panic. I adjusted myself as such – despite not being in the best condition, I aimed to do the maximum. I was not affected by those gymnasts who love one apparatus and only execute the routine with a moment of inspiration. I love all the apparatus. For ball – splits, for ribbon – turns and throws, for rope – leaps … What was on my mind was how all the elements could open the door for me to give my best.

Have I thought about winning all five medals? No, of course … it is very difficult to predict any result in our kind of sports. What do I remember the most from the University Games? Probably, it was the joy when I was told, due to my victories, Russia came top on the medals list. Don’t think that I played the role as a heroine … I do not consider. I stepped onto the carpet and tried to do everything that I am capable of. It just happened that today everything turned out fine for me. Next time it can happen to someone else …

What more? You know, for some reason, I remember one thing well – it happened when I was 12, while Ira Tchachina was in preparation for the OG in our RG school in Omsk. At that time, for me, it seemed so unreal to even be called to join the national team training, let alone taking part in competitions … So I am happy and will remember all my medals, especially these 5 in one tournament …

Note: My favorite words of this interview isWhat was on my mins how all the elements could open the door for me to give my best。」I love Zhenya use this idea-"open the door" 

Little Zhenya watched Irina Tchachina training/


Evgenia Kanaeva: 我想過贏5面金牌嗎? 不,當然沒有…
俄文原文網址: http://www.libsport.ru/doc/37c4dfb0-7a8e-41c7-9397-a514250cad57/
Chinese traslated by Zoe Wan


在Belgrade舉辦的世界大學運動會結束了,俄羅斯國家代表隊在獎牌總數排名第一。我們的選手共贏得76面獎牌,其中27面是金牌。奧運冠軍Evgenia Kanaeva贏了韻律體操比賽。今天我們將帶給讀者她的印象記。

這是我生涯第一次參加世界大學運動會。你永遠會對新的比賽有特別的感覺。當然你會覺得興奮,但並不僅止於此,還有在所有重大時刻的感動情緒。這裡,對你而言,那是一個新的境地/ 領域,你必須把握所有機會展現你最好的一面。

我於完成我在OMSK體育學院第二年課程後啟程飛到Belgrade,所以世界大學運動會成為我休息將近一個月後的第一個比賽。因此在鼓舞刺激之下,印象相當深刻。之後,我才了解世界大學運動會是更重大的比賽。一般來說,對我而言,沒有任何一個比賽我會有所保留不去展現我最好的一面。從我小時候開始我一直被教導以這樣的態度面對每一個比賽,且我們國家隊的主教練-Aleksandrovna Viner 從不低估任何一個比賽的情況。確實,世界大學運動會幾乎就像奧運比賽。也許在緊張程度、張力、跟對運動員的重要性來說還不到奧運的層級。但請注意,比賽名稱的莊重/ 莊嚴,兩者聽起來很類似,兩個比賽都是四年舉辦一次 (這裡Zhenya 記錯了吧,Universiade 是兩年辦一次)。且競爭者跟我在奧運的對手是相同的,譬如Anna Bessonova。

第一天: 熟悉世界大學運動會
….抵達Belgrade後,我們由機場被帶領著去選手村。雖然這裡的選手村不像北京奧運的那麼大 (它不像奧運有餐廳 or 咖啡廳,所以我們必須到別處用餐),但有節慶的氣氛。場地、旗子、漂亮的運動服…載著代表團的巴士這裡那裡的到處穿梭…..。但是玩樂跟渡假的心情很快就消失了。當我們抵達,拿著我們的袋子,我們立即投入訓練。我立刻調整為訓練/ 比賽的狀態。很意外地,隨後不久,就有一堆人來問我: 「你喜歡這個城市嗎? 這個國家如何?

很多人也許不相信,但我們RG選手的生活總是像這樣: 早上起來,訓練,然後吃一點東西,休息一下,然後就差不多到時間該準備去比賽了。比賽期間,你讓自己投入其中,非常地深入,這樣的狀況一直持續到比賽結束。沒有什麼興奮或者有趣的。對於我,Blegrade就像…巴士、比賽大廳、訓練、旅館跟睡眠。我在那裡待了三天,但所有三天的時間都跟比賽有關…對於我承認自己沒太留意國家隊其他比賽項目選手的表現,也許會讓某些人失望。是事後有記者告訴我,因為我的獎牌讓我們國家隊在獎牌榜上排第一…

第二天: 個人全能
RG比賽第一天,是比個人全能。這是聲望/地位最高,也是最困難的競賽頭銜。你得做四個成套,比賽結果是把四個成套的分數加總。步入比賽場,前兩輪時,你聽到自己內心有個聲音說: 「把開關打開(意指進入比賽狀態吧);一部份的你可能感覺非常的小心謹慎/保守,但很快地就釋放所有情緒。你必須習慣比賽的體操館、地毯跟觀眾。但個人全能是一種馬拉松式的比賽,會耗盡你的精力。我記得比完個人全能後回到旅館,我立刻睡著了。還剩下兩天比賽,是比單項決賽。然而我們必須分析今天的表現,以便了解為何會發生失誤。儘管我拿到全能金牌,但我的成套出現失誤。

第三天: 個人單項決賽


還有要補充的嗎?因為一些原因,我記的很清楚這件事-在我12歲的時候,當Ira Tchachina在OMSK的RG學校為奧運做準備。當時對我而言,被挑選加入國家隊,單獨參加比賽,

Note: 這篇訪問我最喜歡的一段話是 我心裡所想的是如何讓所有動作為我打開一扇門讓我得以進入狀況展現我最好的一面。我喜歡Zhenya用 "打開一扇門" 這個概念。

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  1. Wan and catts says:

    這篇訪問我最喜歡的一段話是 「What was on my mins how all the elements could open the door for me to give my best。」我喜歡Zhenya用"打開一扇門"這個概念。也必需說catts的遣詞用字真的太棒了!

  2. Wan and catts says:


  3. Wan and catts says:

    hehe 兔子, 我把我有的-Little Zhenya跟其他小朋友看著Ira做伸展/ 訓練的照片補PO上去了…不曉得這2張是你提到的照片之一嗎?

  4. RC says:


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