Two lovely little stories of Zhenya

photo designed by Joao Lucas

1. Golden Hoop (published on 12 Sep. 2009)
The first paragraph of this article was about Zhenya’s gold record in WC Mie 2009.
and following is the translation of the 2nd paragraph, a lovely little story which happened in OG 2008

 (translated by catts)

[ I was recalled a lovely episode. 2 days after the OG was ended, at the Beijing airport we met – hard to believe – among all the people there was Zhenya Kanaeva, the champion and the beautiful girl. We saw there was a leather circle in her hand holding, and we noticed that it contained her hoops for the OG. One of these hoops she actually used for her routines. I pretended to speak in a deeper tone (a more senior voice) and asked: “Zhenya, which hoop is the golden one?” And she showed it and said, “here it is and it has won me everything”. “Can you give it to me as a present?”, I asked. And Zhenya Kanaeva gave me the hoop. I thought at that time, “all her hoops are equally covered with gold”. And I was not mistaken. ]

note by WanWan: Zhenya is always so nice and sweet~~

2. Zhenya like to talk with her apparatus!
 (by WanWan)

in general, Zhenya like to talk with her apparatus, treat them as living being.
for example, She will say: why did you drop?? let’s manage to get things done together. Zhenya is so cute~~
I read this from an interview of last year (2008), but I forgot the link.

Chinese Translation by Zoe Wan (zhenya0402)

1. 黃金的環

這篇文章第一段是在講 Zhenya 在世錦賽奪金創紀錄的事情
第二段就是那個可愛的小故事: Golden Hoop
[ 我 (指記者) 回想起一個有趣的插曲,去年奧運結束後第2天, 我在北京機場遇見了Zhenya,難以相信,Zhenya Kanaeva 就在人群中,奧運冠軍且是位美麗的少女。我看到她手上拿著皮革圓圈形狀的東西,我留意到那是包覆著她奧運用的Hoop。那些 Hoop 的其中之一是她在比賽裡頭跳 Routine 時用的。我假裝以一種深沈的語氣 (比較認真嚴肅的口氣) 跟她說話,並問她:Zhenya,那個Hoop 是你奪金的Hoop 呢? 她拿給我看並說:" 是這個, 我靠它贏的 " 接著我問她 " 你能把它送給我當禮物嗎" 然後Zhenya 就把那個Hoop送給我。我當時想: 每個Hoop 對她而言都是一樣的,我想我的看法沒有錯。]

這故事說明了,不是某個特定的Hoop 讓 Zhenya 贏金牌,是Zhenya的努力讓她的Hoop,讓她所有的器械戴上gold medal !

2. Zhenya 喜歡跟自己的器械說話 !

這個小故事是去年OG後某篇訪問中看到的, 但原文連結我忘了。

那篇訪問的記者問Zhenya: 聽說你會跟自己的器械(apparatus) 說話,好似它們是有生命的?
Zhenya 承認說:是的我會跟自己的器械說話譬如我會說為什麼你會掉下來呢?? 讓我們好好一起完成接下來的動作吧。

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  1. Wan and catts says:

    是啊 是啊 真的好可愛,像毛毛熊。。。貓貓,你形容的真好!by WanWan

  2. feeva says:


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