Two latest news of Zhenya

1. 11:31 16.10.2009
Kanaeva, Kondakova and Kapranova will perform in the Grand Prix final of rhythmic gymnastics

English translated by google translator…

In the final Grand Prix of rhythmic gymnastics, which will be held November 26-30 in Berlin (Germany), speaking all three Rossiyanka, was among the finalists for the past seven phases – Olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva-2008 and world champion team-2009 Daria Kondakova and Olga Kapranova. This is the Agency of sport information "All Sport" said President Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation of Russia, Russia head coach Irina Viner.

"Grand Prix – a mandatory event at the end of the year in competitive gymnastics, – noted Irina Viner. – Following the Grand Prix at him only to get the best of the best in the current season. This replacement – banned: act exactly those who obtain the necessary amount of points. You could say it kind of bold point. We made their way to the finals, three athletes – the leader of the team, Olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva and world champion 2009 team Daria Kondakova and Olga Kapranova. In fact, participants from Russia could be four. Vera Sessina ranks fourth in the rope and ribbon, sixth place – in the hoop, that is, has every right to speak in Berlin. But, as you know, Vera decided to finish his career. So what will be the three of us.

Irina Viner also clarified that after the completion of the final Grand Prix team leaders Evgenia Kanaeva and Daria Kondakova not complete the competitive season. "According to tradition, Eugene and Dasha in November will serve in the championship in Italy as" legionnaires ", trying to lead his team to the title of champions of the country", – said Irina Viner.

2. 19:24 13.10.2009
Kanaeva will not take part in the Cup of Russia…

English translated by google translator…

The leader of the team Russia Evgenia Kanaeva will not take part in the Cup of Russia, which will be held in Kazan from 22 to 25 October.

– Cup of Russia in Kazan will be for us to start the final major of the season at the All level, – quotes agency "Ves Sport" President Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation of Russia, head coach of Russia Irina Viner. – Given that it will take place in the forum "Russia – Sports Power, in the presence of many distinguished foreign and domestic guests, we decided to put all the best. Presentations will world champion team this year, Daria Kondakova, Olga Kapranova and Daria Dmitrieva, promising young girl Yana Lukonina, Alexandra Ermakova, Olga Stryuchkova our young gymnasts, for whom the Cup of Russia will be one of the stages of selection for the Youth Olympic Games 2010 in Singapore.

Not only will our leader Zhenya Kanaeva. This year it is "close" almost all starts – the World Cup and Grand Prix, the championship of Russia, Student World Games, finally, the championship of the world, and feels a little tired. We decided to give her a break, since the month of October it is still a mandatory part in the final Grand Prix in Berlin.

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4 Responses to Two latest news of Zhenya

  1. Wan and catts says:

    To : Motai & YaoGP Final是看積分的,今年前7站的比賽達到足夠積分的選手可以比GP FinalKapranova既然積分達到標準,這是她的權利,所以會去參賽囉,至於她會不會退休靜觀其變。根據第一篇報導,RUS其實有4人符合參加GP Final的資格,第4人就是Sesina,可惜她已退役。以下是今年 RG Grand Prix 前六站的積分排名,Zhenya在四個單項都是排第一。第七站GP Marbella的積分還沒被列入,anyway,Zhenya在Marbella也是AA+4個單項冠軍。Rope: Steven:這 2張圖並不是Zhenya上日本節目,而是日本人到RUS Team訓練基地-Croatia拍她練習的片段+簡短的訪問,當初是有日本網友上傳到youtube,但已被youtube以版權為由刪除了。影片是前面-training clip+interview+後面Hoop-AA Final-WC Mie 2009。我不在這明目張膽放載點,請你自行到 爬文吧,看我的 post (zhenya0402),你就會找到。

  2. Hsu says:

    看到Kapranova出現在名單是我也是驚訝了一下,看來WC in Mie 還不是她的終點站11月底,還有點小久…..

  3. Steven says:

    請問 這兩張圖是不是kanaeva上哪個日本節目所擷取下來的圖有載點可以載嗎???

  4. monv says:

    Kapranova 还没退役。。。。难道她要比2010年的WC?

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