Irina Viner-Usmanova: Kabaeva returned, now I’m waiting for Mamun and Kudryavtseva (Interview of I. Viner after EC 2017)

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The head of the All-Russian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics (VFKH), Irina Viner-Usmanova, after the end of the European Championships, talked with reporters, and then took time for exclusive communication with the correspondent of the agency “R-Sport” Sergei Smyshlyaev. About the benefit of the sisters of the Averins, about leaving the team of the leaders Yana Kudryavtseva and Margarita Mamun , about the new format of the European tournament and whether it suits the Russians, and Alexandra Soldatova’s problems – read the material of the agency.

– Irina Alexandrovna, congratulations on the completion of another successful, but at the same time, uneasy European Championship. Summarize the tournament?
– Very seriously prepared for this championship, the Olympic cycle is over, we won at the Olympics all the highest awards. Now, unfortunately, Yanochka Kudryavtseva , Rita Mamun , left. Generational change, as usual. Two Averinas, Dina and Arina, and Sasha Soldatova, who had already performed at the world championships, came to replace. And the twin girls were just in shock, it was a benefit, they won two gold medals one and two – another. To date, they have won a place in the World Championship on a sporting principle. At us all goes only on a sports principle, any preferences. And I’m very happy for them. But Sasha Soldatova worthy of more and better, but, unfortunately, her fear for the time being. Fear of revealing yourself and showing all that she can. And maybe it is twice as big and better than it showed.

– Is it possible to say that Dina and Arina somewhere have even surpassed their capabilities, somehow surprised by their results?
– The fact is that Dina and Arina from childhood were, as we say, “tricks”, and now such a program that all this is counted. Earlier we also had very strong girls, and Alina Kabaeva did amazing things, but not all counted. Therefore their time has come. But they did not have enough feelings, they lacked expressiveness, they did it all as a thread. And now they make it expressively, they try to make all exercises very “characteristic” and these movements, tricks, these risks, these interesting master elements merge with music. That they organically emphasized it, and they succeeded in Budapest.
Familiar victories in the new format: the Russian “artists” took all the gold of the CHE >>>

On the change of generations
– What is the impression of group exercises?
– The group exercise is brilliant for juniors, who will replace those girls who performed at the Olympic Games and will perform this year. These can not yet perform, they are still juniors, but next year, I think we will have a good change, worthy, which will rise to the core and will perform as well as here.

– From the side it seems that the change of generations passes unnoticed and painless. What kind of work is behind this, so that a change comes from cycle to cycle after shift, continuing to show the highest results?
– Work behind this is colossal. Not only work on the elements, but also on the images. If rhythmic gymnastics will be a part of art and creativity – what we cultivate in our country – then we will continue to win. As soon as we stop doing this, we’ll just deal with the elements, that’s all. While I have the strength and ability, I try to breathe life.

– We can not but ask: Margarita Mamun did not make official announcements for her career, did she say something to you?
“I always wait for everyone.” I’m waiting for Alina Kabaeva, I wait (Irina) Chaschina and Evgenia Kanaeva, and, of course, I’m waiting for Rita Mamun and Yana Kudryavtseva. I wait for them every single day and I will be happy if one of them returns. They are excellent gymnasts, very sorry that they are still finishing, but neither of them has yet made official statements that they do not finish or that they finish. Let’s hope and wait. Alina returned after winning the gold medal – she spent a year resting and then returned and won.

– And as far as Dina and Arina Averinas were psychologically ready to leave the leaders of Kudryavtseva and Mamun? To your new role?
– And how else, we prepared them for this! Yanachka and Rita came to the role of leaders in their time, we always prepare athletes to be leaders of the team, that they must defend the honor of Russia and defend the flag that has already been raised. It is very difficult, but it must be saved. Therefore, they worked very, very, very much.

“The format of the European Championship has become logical”
– The last championship of Europe was in many respects more interesting due to the new format. What is its advantage?
– The advantage is that group exercises and individual programs are not divided. That is, the team now consists of two types of program: individual and group. And the team result is now logically composed of two types of disciplines. Europe has done very right that it has united them together, it will give an impetus to all countries. If they want to speak with the team, then individual programs and group exercises will be cultivated. It’s great for the development of rhythmic gymnastics all over the world.

– There was an opinion that it was the Russian team that was playing into the format.
– He is all on hand. Simply, Russia adapts in all formats to ensure that there is not only movement, not only technology, but also spirit. And it’s very difficult to compete in the spirit. Therefore, in any exercise so: we had Kudryavtseva – “Snow Queen”, was Mamun – “Beauty and inspiration, and life, and tears, and love.” And there were no such rules, but still they were the first. Therefore, all these conversations are a waste of time. But I want to say that girls all over the world have very complex programs, they are very advanced in this format, in interesting elements, risky and beautiful. But, unfortunately, they do not have the spirit yet. And we win in stability and in that our girls make an image, showing the movements of music and meaning.

– After the qualification of the exercises with the ribbon, you said that you made a mistake with the composition, putting on this kind of Dina, not Arina Averina, calling the performance a “surprise.” In the final, Dina won , a surprise with a plus sign?
– Yes, again there was a surprise. Dina made a small mistake in the final, I thought that the mistake would knock her out of the ranks of the prize places. She acted second, and apparently all the others made even more mistakes, including Soldatova.

“Internal gasoline blows Soldatova”
– What happened to Sasha, it’s only in the above-mentioned fear to reveal yourself?
“It happened that she keeps her strength, you know.” she thinks: “I will go out and do it.” No. If you do everything in parts, and do not do everything entirely, there is not created a dynamic stereotype, which should be on the way out. But you can not save your strength. It’s like that plane that has to spin until it breaks all the gasoline, and it’s gasoline that blows it up.

– And how to deal with this?
– How to fight? We fight as far as possible. She must fight for herself, because “overcoming herself” is an Olympic motto.

– Returning to the topic of the format. In addition to changes in the definition of the winner of the team championship, there is also such an amendment that now it is not necessary beforehand to present to the judges beforehand the written program. Why is this done?
– This is very correct. This is due to the fact that the judges kept looking at the papers, not the gymnasts. And while looking at the paper, the athlete has already made either a mistake, or vice versa, everything is fine, but the judge did not see. And now they are looking at what gymnasts are doing on the court, improving their skills. Now we need to know exactly all the elements and how many of them are worth. And before she looked in a piece of paper: “it costs 0.6, and it costs 0.3”. The athlete did not do it, the judge crossed out on paper. And now, on the contrary: he sees that he did 0.6, and writes 0.6. It is right.

– That is, the refereeing became more objective.
– Yes, much is now more decent.

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  1. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    About without difficulty sheet in the new COP, I think Irier Viner explained it clearly in the last part of this interview.

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