The show “Alexei Nemov and Legends of Sports” (16 Sep, 2016)


September 16 in Moscow at the Sports Palace “Megasport” an unique show will be held, four-time Olympic champion gymnast Alexei Nemov, who will present a new program with the participation of stars of the Russian gymnastics last 20 years. The production of “Legends of Sport”, which has no analogues in the world, will bring together stars of world sport and rhythmic gymnastics, complicated acrobatics, acrobatic rock ‘n’ roll, a trampoline, the latest stage technology and spectacular circus acts.

Russian sport traditions and famous for special school. Performances of our athletes in competitions is always one of the most spectacular. The grand gymnastic show Alexei Nemov, inspirer, author, producer and organizer of the project, will gather on one stage more than 200 participants – aerial acrobats, dancers, actors, the great masters of the gymnastic sports, such as Svetlana Khorkina, Elena Zamolodchikova, Laysan Utiasheva Sergei Kharkiv, Nikolai Kryukov, and many others. Alexei Nemov will perform in the show with the legendary national team in gymnastics 1996, gave the Russian a historic Olympic gold medal. The show will perform current Russian national team in gymnastics, won the Rio team two silver, one gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals and an unbeatable team in rhythmic gymnastics, which will present the show conquerors Olympus Rio 2016 Margarita Mamun (note by Zoe: Mamun won’t be there, she will take parts in Rhythmic All Stars at Korea this weekend) and Yana Kudryavtseva. Special guests show Yordan Yovchev – Bulgaria, the legendary gymnast, the only participant in the history of the seven Olympics – Oksana Chusovitina Uzbekistan. The show is attended by the strongest athletes of the national team in the team jumping trampoline, sports acrobatics, acrobatic rock ‘n’ roll.

Alexei Nemov: “These shows are held all over the world and always attract attention to the sport. They are bright and spectacular show the form of all possible sports and stimulate interest in these types of adults and children. Typically, these performances are held after major competitions and have contributed significantly to the promotion of sports and healthy lifestyle among children and youth. When I offered to take part in this project to our legendary athletes, all of them, in spite of its enormous employment, agreed. Many of them have already been a few years ago left the big sports, and specifically to participate in the show, they will train and recover the shape. “

This year for the 4-times Olympic champion Alexei Nemov anniversary – he recently turned 40 years old. In addition, 20 years ago, at the 1996 Games in Atlanta, he became the first Olympic champion, received two gold, one silver and three bronze medals. In the project “Legends of the sport,” he not only deliver himself, performing gymnastic exercises on the crossbar, but will also present young talented gymnasts, the youngest of which is 7 years.

In the show “Legends of Sport” will be presented and a number of artistic gymnastics, trampoline, acrobatics and rock-n-roll in conjunction with elements of theater and circus arts. The project will also take part Russian pop stars. Viewers will see all the achievements of the Russian gymnastics for the past 20 years, including a number of Olympic champions.

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    RUS Group – gala at show “Alexei Nemov and Legends of Sports”

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