Video Translation: Mamun compared Olympians to “Warriors of Light”

Translated by my friend Tatiana, many many THANKS!!!

Vladimir Putin presented state awards in the Kremlin, the Russian athletes – gold prize-winners XXXI Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Games champion Margarita Mamun thanked the president and fellow national team, compared Olympians to “warriors of light”

Following is the translation of Rita’s speech:
Margarita Mamun: “Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, dear friends, it’s a great honor for me and our team to be here today and to be able to thank everyone who helped us winning in The Olympic Rio. Our dear Irina Aleksandrovna always says that we are peace warriors, warriors of light; and when we step on the pedestal, our country steps on the pedestal with us. We realize that when competing, we weren’t just doing it for ourselves but also for all those athletes who couldn’t go to the Olympics.  Vladimir Vladimirovich, thank you very much, and thanks everyone who supported us and was with us during this difficult way”.

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