Grand Prix Final Berlin 2013, 19-20 October

(thanks my friend Michel )

The final stage of Grand Prix in Berlin, Berlin Master will be held in 19-20 October, Masha again will compete! (click here) and Merkulova won’t compete.
Good Luck to Masha!!! Wish her all the BEST!!! Udachi!!! Davai!!!!!!! [給力][給力][給力][hold住][hold住][hold住]

Official website:

Participants list:

AZE Lala Yusifova
BLR Maria Kadobina
BEL Tess Mogemsen
BRA Natalia Gaubio
BUL Silviya Miteva
CZE Monika Míčková
ECU Melissa Perez
FIN Jouki Tikkanen
GER Laura Jung
GER Jana Berezko-Marggrander
GER Darja Sajfutdinova
GRE Varvara Filiou
ISR Victoria Veinberg Filanovsky
KAZ Aliya Assymova
LAT Jelizaveta Gamalejeva
NOR Emilie Holte
POL Anna Czarniecka
RUS Margarita Mamun
RUS Daria Svatkovskaya
RUS Maria Titova
UZB Djamila Rakhmatova


17 Oct  arrival

12.00 training

18 Oct
9.00 podium training
19.00 toss, reception

19 Oct
9.00 podium training
12.00 Meeting and all-round draw for the judges to Grand Prix
13.00 opening
14.15 All Around Grand Prix and groups

20 Oct
9.00 podium training
12.00 Meeting and draw the judges to the Grand Prix Final
13.00 opening
14.15 Finals – Grand Prix and the group
16.30 GALA
19.00 banquet

21 Oct Departure

Maria Titova the Swan-Photo Collage-Warming Up

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6 Responses to Grand Prix Final Berlin 2013, 19-20 October

  1. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    And this is Masha’s ribbon-qualification, except GP Holon final, she couldn’t clean this routine all this season orz…

    Big Thanks my friend Michel!!!!
    Masha’s Swan Lake hoop final ❤
    Masha’s ball final
    Masha’s gala clubs

    Full detailed results here (AA+EF)

    @rgfan, well I will do it later…

  2. rgfan says:

    Thanks for all the insights!! Very interesting.
    When will the new 2014 RG Calendar be available?
    Looking forward to seeing it soon 🙂

  3. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    Ribbon final Results GP Berlin 2013
    1. Miteva, Silviya (BUL) – 17,783
    2. Rakhmatova, Djamila (UZB) – 16,933
    3. Kadobina, Maria (BLR) – 16,383
    4. Yusifova, Lala (AZE) – 16,350
    5. Mamun, Margarita (RUS) – 16,316
    5. Jung, Laura (GER) – 16,316
    6. Svatkovskaya, Daria (RUS) – 16,100
    7. Berezko-Marggrander, Jana (GER) – 15,800

    Clubs EF results GP Berlin 2013
    1. Svatkovskaya, Daria (RUS) – 18,200
    2. Mamun, Margarita (RUS) – 17,700
    3. Yusifova, Lala (AZE) – 17,150
    4. Miteva, Silviya (BUL) – 16,983
    5. Berezko-Marggrander, Jana (GER) – 16,933
    6. Jung, Laura (GER) – 16,633
    7. Mendelson, Nataly (ISR) – 16,500
    8. Kadobina, Maria (BLR) – 16,500

    Big Big Congrats to Mashaaaaaaa again she won silver in ball!!!!!!! 😀 DDDDD
    1. Mamun, Margarita (RUS) – 18,500
    2. Titova, Maria (RUS) – 18,200
    3. Miteva, Silviya (BUL) – 17,866
    4. Yusifova, Lala (AZE) – 17,116
    5. Filanovsky, Victoria (ISR) – 17,033
    6. Rakhmatova, Djamila (UZB) – 16,716
    7. Kadobina, Maria (BLR) – 16,433
    8. Jung, Laura (GER) – 16,200

    Congrats to Mashaaaaaaa!!!!!!! She is silver in Hoop 😀 DD
    “As it did yesterday, Maria Titova’s Swan Lake routine enthralls the audience. She’s cheered for loudly and is currently in second place with 18,150 points. ”
    1. Mamun, Margarita (RUS) – 18,400
    2. Titova, Maria (RUS) – 18,150
    3. Miteva, Silviya (BUL) – 17,566
    4. Berezko-Marggrander, Jana (GER) – 17,083
    5. Filanovsky, Victoria (ISR) – 16,916
    6. Yusifova, Lala (AZE) – 16,900
    7. Mendelson, Nataly (ISR) – 16,533
    7. Rakhmatova, Djamila (UZB) – 16,533
    9. Jung, Laura (GER) – 16,166

  4. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    EF start list Berlin 2013

  5. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    All around results, Congrats to Masha, AA 2nd and qualify to Hoop 18.050 and Ball final 17.900!
    click here
    Mamun, Margarita, RUS – 72,650
    Titova, Maria, RUS – 69,550
    Miteva, Silviya, BUL – 69,500
    Svatkovskaya, Daria, RUS – 69,150
    Berezko-Marggrander, Jana, GER – 66,800
    Yusifova, Lala, AZE – 66,100
    Jung, Laura, GER – 66,00
    Filanovsky, Victoria, ISR – 64,300
    Kadobina, Maria, BLR – 64,200
    Mendelson, Nataly ISR – 63,300
    Rakhmatova, Djamila, UZB – 63,300
    Tikkanen, Jouki, FIN – 62,600
    Gamalejeva, Jelizaveta, LAT – 62,500
    Czarniecka, Anna, POL – 62,100
    Assymova, Aliya, KAZ – 61,550
    Holte, Emilie, NOR – 53,200
    Sajfutdinova, Darja, GER – 50,850
    Mogemsen, Tess, BEL – 49,150
    Perez, Melissa, ECU – 48,850

  6. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    XD Congratulations to Mashaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!! 😀
    “Maria Titova decides today around: Elegant with the ball, a worthy completion of the more struggle, – It is all-around second!” detailed score please wait, Mamun is 1st in AA

    YES Masha qualify to hoop final!!!!!!!
    “Maria Titova floats through Swan Lake with the hoop – she is an extraordinary talent and only just turned 16! 18,050 points.”
    Masha’s ribbon not bad!
    “Maria Titova chose music from “My Fair Lady” for her ribbon routine. She’s a pleasure to watch, has excellent technique and a great connection with the audience – at 16! 17,250 points.”
    Masha Clubs 16.350 (drop)

    read impression from official website Berlin Masters
    The Berlin Masters 2013 has begun, the gymnasts, including two-time World Champion Margarita Mamun, has been introduced. Germany’s Jana Berezko-Marggrander is the first on the floor in the all around competition.
    And she does great – her hoop routine set to Spanish guitar music is an audience favorite and gives her a good score. She’s flawless and receives 17,100 points.
    27-year-old Bulgarian Sylvia Miteva is the most experienced gymnast of those present and moves into first with her clubs routine and 17,200 points.

    You rarely see mistakes happen from Russian gymnasts: European Champion – with the hoop – Daria Svatkovkaia loses the hoop and has to fetch it from outside the floor. 16,100 points.

    The competitions starts off even worse for former Berlin-girl Daria Sajfutdinova: her ribbon is in a knot at the beginning of the routine and it won’t come off. In the end, she has to continue with the spare ribbon and is only able to show one third of her routine. Still, the audience cheers to carry her through. 7,450 points is all she can accumulate, however, there are three more apparatuses to go.

    The World Champion doesn’t leave a doubt as to who is calling the shots: Margarita Mamun scores 18,400 points with a difficult and dynamic hoop routine.

    Israeli Victoria Filanovsky, last year’s Berlin Masters bronze medalist, shares Jana Berezko-Marggrander’s placement and score. She gets 17,100 with an entertaining and clean hoop routine.

    Laura Jung is received with cheers and is as expressive as ever. Her hoop routine is a bit careful and earns her 16,350 points.

    The young Russian gymnast Maria Titova finishes off the first rotation with a fascinating clubs routine. She does lose a club, still, the routine is impressive and the audience got a real treat! 16,350 points.

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