Evgenia Kanaeva is expecting first child

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English translated by Tatiana, Big Big Thanks!!!


23-years old gymnast, champion and just a beautiful woman Evgenia Kanaeva is getting ready for the new chapter of her life. She just got married the beginning of June and now it’s known that she will become a mother the beginning of next year. Evegnia Kanaeva and Igor Musatov, hockey player of Ufa’s club “Salavat Ulaev” got married on June 8th this year. They were dating about a year. Most of Kanaeva’s friends didn’t like her choice of boyfriend because Musatov was known as “bad” boy while Kanaeva always was good girl.

Although couples like this one become ideal with time, and we hope that Evgenia and Igor won’t be exception. The new-married are expecting a child.

Irina Viner was the 1st one who has mentioned Kanaeva’s pregnancy (read here ). She called her gymnasts “bandit Petersburg”, but added: “Actually girls are good. For their age is normal that they want to have fun and night clubs life. Not all of them. Evgenia never wanted that. She is married with a wonderful young man and expecting a child. So it isn’t necessary to spend time in clubs and bars. But many girls want that anyway. I was young myself so I know what I am saying. But these girls know how to work”.

Media representatives have already asked Evgenia (current vice-president of Russian Federation of RG) about child sex. “I don’t know yet. – Evgenia answered. – It’s too early to say. I will know as soon as I perform ultrasound exam.” She added that maternity leave is planned for December. And child birth is expected the end of February-beginning of March.

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3 Responses to Evgenia Kanaeva is expecting first child

  1. Laura says:

    Congraaats to her and Igor!!! So happy for them!
    By the way, She has decided to change the path of her life too fast. She retired one year ago!!

  2. Deekay says:

    Congrats Zhenya! 😀 You are entering motherhood soon 🙂 So proud of you!! 🙂 All the best in your life 😀

  3. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    Big Big Congratulations to Zhenya!!!! I am very happy for her. May God Bless Zhenya and her family. All the BEST!!!

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