The World Games 2013 Cali, RG 26-27 July

Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon competitions cancelled (from FIG)
CALI (COL), FIG Office, July 25, 2013: FIG was unfortunately forced to cancel Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions on Ribbon at The World Games 2013 Cali today following an assessment of the conditions in the competition hall as well as the temporary warm-up and training tent…

Time flies! World Games was my first time to watch RG competition live, lucky me, the previous one in 2009, it was held in my country, Kaohsiung Taiwan and I had the chance to see Zhenya competing. “Individual Rhythmic Gymnastics was introduced to the World Games in Akita (JPN) in 2001 and is the only gymnastic discipline represented at both Olympic and World Games. In contrast to the Olympic Games, the World Games include an Apparatus Final format instead of an All-around competition.” (quoted from FIG: click here ) Read FIG preview of Cali’s RG competition: click here (but some mistakes in this article, from RUS Nazarenkova and Trubnikova instead)

Below are some informations:
Official website:
FIG micro site: click here
On-line stream: click here (Hoop and Ball EF 21:00-22:00 26th July 2013 local time, GMT-5)
On-line results: click here
Participants list (updated 23 July): click here  Participants List-RG-World Games 2013 Cali
Start lists
Hoop Q: click here
Ball Q: click here
Clubs Q: click here
Ribbon cancelled!

Schedule: click here ( ribbon event was cancelled! )
RG schedule-World Games 2013 Cali

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10 Responses to The World Games 2013 Cali, RG 26-27 July

  1. M says:

    Congrats to all participants in that heat.

  2. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    Re-watch-Clubs EF
    re-watch hoop and ball EF
    WG 2013 videos in this channel

    Congrats to Melitina !!! and Deng Senyue!!!
    Clubs EF result
    1. Staniouta BLR 17.983
    2. Rizatdinova UKR 17.933
    3. Maksymenko UKR 17.900
    4. Deng Senyue CHN 17.600
    5. Charopa BLR 17.066
    6. Rodriguez ESP 16.950
    7. Filanovsky ISR 16.050
    8. Trubnikova RUS 15.366

    Clubs qualification result
    1. Rizatdinova UKR 17.983
    2. Maksymenko UKR 17.783
    3. Deng Senyue CHN 17.416
    4. Trubnikova RUS 17.716
    5. Rodriguez ESP 17.066
    6. Staniouta BLR 16.883
    7. Charopa 16.450
    8. Filanovsky ISR 16.183

  3. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    Ball EF result, Cali 2013
    1. Staniouta BLR 17.800
    2. Rizatdinova UKR 17.766
    3. Maksymenko UKR 17.550
    4. Nazarenkova RUS 17.250
    5. Charopa BLR 17.183
    6. Filanovsky ISR 16.650
    7. Moustafaeva FRA 16.283
    8. Trubnikova RUS 15.800

    Hoop EF result
    1. Rizatdinova UKR 17.950
    2. Staniouta BLR 17.450
    3. Nazarenkova RUS 17.033
    4. Trubnikova RUS 16.750
    5. Moustafaeva FRA 16.700
    6. Maksymenko UKR 16.650
    7. Rodriguez ESP 16.583
    8. Filanovsky ISR 16.016

    Ball qualification results, Cali 2013
    1. Rizatdinova UKR 17.883
    2. Staniouta BLR 17.316
    3. Trubnikova RUS 17.316
    4. Nazarenkova RUS 16.900
    5. Charopa BLR 16.633
    6. Moustafaeva FRA 16.533
    7. Maksymenko UKR 16.500
    8. Filanovsky ISR 16.466

    Hoop Qualification results, Cali 2013
    1. Rizatdinova UKR 18.050
    2. Maksymenko UKR 17.750
    3. Staniouta BLR 17.450
    4. Moustafaeva FRA 16.983
    5. Nazarenkova RUS 16.933
    6. Trubnikova RUS 16.600
    7. FILANOVSKY ISR 16.516
    8. Rodriguez ESP 16.250

  4. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    from FIG: Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions delayed by 30 minutes,10869,5264-206821-224044-49514-318416-news-item,00.html
    CALI (COL), FIG Office, July 26, 2013: Due to a failure of the air conditioning system the temperature raised above the critical mark of 30 degrees at The World Games 2013 Cali Gymnastics warm-up and training tent today. This caused a delay of 20 minutes.

    The revised competition schedule is as follows:

    15.30 Qualification Hoop
    17.10 Qualification Ball
    20.15 Final Hoop
    20.40 Final Ball

    This schedule will be maintained as long as training or competition does not have to be interrupted due to air conditioning or other problems.

  5. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    News from Cali…the air conditioner doesn’t work at this moment so the RG competition is delayed orz…
    click here

    @M, Yes they had problem with the flight at first, but finally Nazarenkova and Trubnikova took the flight again to Cali (Nazarenkova posted a photo in instagram) Natalia Lipkovskaya also posted a short video clip in instagram yesterday, Nazarenkova was training with Ribbon in the makeshift tent. and see the photo I just posted, Russian gymnasts taking photo with all the participants.

  6. M says:

    I think i read somewhere that the Russians had trouble with their flight. I could be wrong though.

  7. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    start lists (no RUS gymnasts, it’s weired, maybe mistakes?…edit, they corrected the mistake now)
    Hoop Q
    click here
    Ball Q
    click here
    Clubs Q
    click here
    Ribbon cancelled!

  8. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    Bad News from FIG!,10869,5264-206690-223913-49514-318406-news-item,00.html
    Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon competitions cancelled
    25 Jul 2013 20:37
    CALI (COL), FIG Office, July 25, 2013: FIG was unfortunately forced to cancel Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions on Ribbon at The World Games 2013 Cali today following an assessment of the conditions in the competition hall as well as the temporary warm-up and training tent…….

    Installations and conditions at El Pueblo Coliseum have been observed critically by FIG staff during the last week and as FIG requirements had not been met in the training facilities and the competition hall by deadline, Wednesday’s training sessions for Rhythmic Gymnastics were cancelled. A re-evaluation of the situation was scheduled for today.

    The FIG Secretary General inspected the venue personally this morning and at midday. He confirmed that the temperature measured at both the training and the competition venues was too high, compared to the requirements outlined in the FIG Technical Regulations. Furthermore, strong air draughts caused by the air condition system affect the gymnasts and the handling of the ribbon, which makes the staging of competitions on this apparatus impossible.

    “I am very disappointed with the situation at El Pueblo Coliseum and I deeply regret to take this decision, but under the present circumstances, we cannot run a competition on Ribbon here,” FIG Secretary General André Gueisbuhler said.

    Mr Gueisbuhler will meet with representatives of the International World Games Association (IWGA) and the Cali Local Organising Committee (CLOC) this afternoon to discuss further proceedings regarding the other Rhythmic and all other Gymnastics disciplines at El Pueblo Coliseum.


    And some photos taken by Chinese gymnast Yu Haocong, just one day before the competition starting, the temporary training tent and the competition venue looks terrible…

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