Zhenya attended the opening ceremony of RUS Championships in Kazan, 7th Feb 2013

Zhenya-opening ceremony-RUS Championships Kazan 2013-070213
Original article link: http://vlast16.ru/58729
translated by google

Today in the “Center of gymnastics” Kazan opened the championship of Russia in rhythmic gymnastics. The ceremony was attended by President of the Russian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics, the head coach of the Russian Federation Irina Viner-Usmanov, Deputy Minister of Youth, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan Khalil Shaikhutdinov, vice president of the Russian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics, Olympic champion, world champion semnadtsatikratnaya, multiple European champion Evgenia Kanaeva, president of the Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics Tatarstan Gulnara Sergeyev, chairman of the Committee of Physical Culture and Sports of the Executive Committee of Kazan Ilgiz Fakhri and other distinguished guests.

“Dear participants of the championship of Russia, I am very glad that managed to get to these events. Today, watching your speeches, I got an incomparable pleasure. I am very glad that the artistic gymnastics Russia is moving forward and you – future champions, you are who will stand on a pedestal under the flag and sing the anthem of Russia. remember that victory – is to overcome, to overcome all the time myself “- admonished athletes Irina Viner Usmanov.

some information about this championships:
website: http://www.vfrg.ru/index.php?dn=news&to=art&id=425
(this is a competition for juniors and girls, but seniors will be there to perform their new routines)

05.02 – Arrival
06.02 – Testing
07-08.02 – Team competitions № 1, Group exercise – All Around
09.02 – All Around competition number 2, Group exercise – All Around
10.02 – Event Finals-round, Group exercise finals – 5 hoops, 10 clubs
11.02 – Departure

Girls: 11-12

Zhenya’s interview (nothing new, just said it again that she is focus on recovering the health of herself and her family now and hasn’t decided yet to stop or continue her sport career.)

I posted some photos on ZKG facebook, thanks Oleg Naumov!!!
click here

And here some opening ceremony photos

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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18 Responses to Zhenya attended the opening ceremony of RUS Championships in Kazan, 7th Feb 2013

  1. DeVotek says:

    Junior Julia is really good; she can dance! If I had been Romeo, I would have danced with her everytime.

  2. DeVotek says:

    Everybody has your own life which is changing itself. There are in life sad moments which are begining new better life I believe. Only God can bind everybody in joy for ever and ever. If I had obeyed wise people like Shtelbaum I would be great programmer. Zhenya, you are my inspiration. Thanks to you too, @ZKG-Zoe Wan, for your great job, particularly for these artistic pictures (banners), there are very impresive. Gymnast’s body is like snake or junior snake 😉 .

  3. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    for me, juniors’ routines are more interesting than seniors, here’s some juniors gymnasts I think great
    Olesya Petrova, born 1999, ranked 4th in Junior AA

    Junior AA Champion Julia Bravikova, born 1999

    Dina Averina, born 1998, she won 3rd place in junior AA
    Hoop (great routine!)

    Karina Kuznetsova, born 2000, she ranked 6th in junior AA

    Diana Ibragimova-born 1998-ranked 7th in junior AA

    And my favorite from senior, Maria Titova, she becomes senior this year, she is sooo elegant, her style is very few among Russian gymnasts nowadays.

  4. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    @ DeVotek, I don’t think Zhenya will return, and as I said before I hope she retires, it’s time for her to live a new life. She looks great as a vice-president of RUS RG federation. 🙂

    BTW, I hope Vera Shtelbaums trains this little girl-Anastasia Shibaeva, she is really good! More over Shtelbaums already has a new student-a girl also from OMSK, Anastasia Kadochnikova, she becomes senior this year, I am waiting to watch her performance in GP Moscow 2013.

  5. DeVotek says:

    Vera Shtelbaums has more time, because Zhenya is resting and thinking about her new career. Is it really true that Kanaeva won’t return to best form and won’t show how to win gold in Rio de Janeiro?

  6. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    OMSK little girl Anastasia Shibaeva’s videos in Kazan, born 2001, she won 3rd place in AA among her age in Kazan. She is really Good! Her coach is Kuznetsova, but this time seems Vera Shtelbaums trained her for this competition. And added her photos to the slideshow

    Her free hands at 10 age, 2011 in Kazan

  7. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    download the full results of RUS Championships Kazan 2013 here

  8. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    Individual Junior AA Podium
    1. Julia Bravikova 2. Alexandra Soldatova 3. Dina Averina
    detailed results (information from a RUS RG forum, sorry about the names just translated the list by google)
    1 Julia Bravikova 1999 Moscow-SFD 16,833 16,800 17,100 16,250 66,983
    2 Alexander Soldatova 1998 CFD-Moscow 16.100 15.900 16.800 16.400 65.200
    3 Dina Averina 1998 Moscow-PFD 16,600 16,433 16,600 15,050 64,683
    4 Olesya Petrova 1999 Moscow 16,066 16,316 16,000 16,200 64,582
    5 Arina Averina 1998 Moscow-PFD 16,000 16,533 15,566 15,683 63,782
    6 Kuznetsova Karina 2000 Moscow-SFD 15,783 15,466 15,800 15,666 62,715
    7 Diana Ibragimova 1998 St. Petersburg 15.450 15.900 15.866 14.900 62.116
    8 Maria Pavlova 1998 Moscow 14,400 15,100 15,833 15,600 60,933
    9 Dynin Christina SFD 1998 15.900 14.600 15.000 15.200 60.700
    10 CFR 1999 Polyakov Veronica 15,833 15,850 13,300 14,683 59,666
    11 CFR 1999 Ogurtsova Catherine 14,983 15,200 14,500 14,733 59,416
    12 Rudycheva 1999 Veronica St. Petersburg 14,466 14,116 15,566 15,266 59,414
    13 CFR 1999 Dubov Daria 14,700 14,916 15,333 14,383 59,332
    Anna Brudovskaya 14 CFR 1998 14,750 13,883 15,316 15,366 59,315
    15 Annenkov Irina SFD 1999 15,283 14,750 14,166 14,800 58,999
    16 Semenov Liana 1998 PFD 14,700 14,550 14,466 14,966 58,682
    17 Arina Romanova SFD 1998 14,600 14,600 14,383 15,083 58,666
    18 Anastasia Kontaryova SFD 1998 14,400 14,483 14,933 14,766 58,582
    19 Danil’chuk Victoria 2000 SFO 14,900 13,483 15,600 14,316 58,299
    20 Victoria Vasilyeva 1999 PFD 14,450 14,600 14,233 15,000 58,283
    21 Redkova 1999 Angelina St. Petersburg 14.083 14.166 15.200 14.816 58.265
    22 Ivashchenko Eugenia 1998 Moscow 14,016 14,983 15,000 13,983 57,982
    23 Maria Zaitseva 23 CFR 1998 13,233 15,500 14,316 14,600 57,649
    24 Korneev Anna SFD 2000 14,800 14,433 14,300 13,866 57,399

  9. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    RUS national group 10 clubs!!! I don’t like the music, especially the 2nd part, but this routine is amazing!
    3 balls + 2 ribbons

  10. DeVotek (Wojciech Wójtowicz) says:

    Thanks to God, that Zhenya is not alone, that has many Followers!

  11. Deekay says:

    Thanks!!! 😀

  12. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    @Deekay, this channel for videos-RUS Championships Kazan 2013

  13. Wojciech Wójtowicz says:

    Of course, Joanna Mitrosz showed me “this way” during the time of London 2012 in her beautyful performance transmited on TV. Dziękuję!

  14. Wojciech Wójtowicz says:

    I want to thank Joanna Mitrosz – the polish gimnast, because she shaws me the way to Zhenya.

  15. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    Insert photos slideshow in this post.

    two Zhenya’s interview
    and the second, Zhenya met students of Volga State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism today, 8th Feb and answered their questions

  16. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    @Deekay, “when”…I don’t know…if some audiences record the competition then you can see the videos. “who”…Russian juniors and girls as I wrote in the post, but detailed names I don’t know…

    BTW, some competition photos here

  17. Deekay says:

    Oh and Who participated?

  18. Deekay says:

    When can we see the routines online?

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