Vera Shtelbaums’ new student-Anastasia Kadochnikova!

(all photos by Oleg Naumov)
Last weekend, in Penza was held Russia Championships, 13-15 Oct 2012. A competition for 1997 girls and older. Seems Shtelbaums now is training a new girl, an OMSK gymnast born on 21st July 1997, her name is Anastasia Kadochnikova (Анастасия Кадочникова). She has a twin sister-Anna Kadochnikova (Анна Кадочникова) also doing RG. They both competed in Russia Championships this time. The twins took part in CariPrato with Zhenya last year. From those Oleg’s photos, Anastasia was wearing Zhenya’s leo (Zhenya’s rope leo in 2010) and Irina Tchachina’s leo. She has the same starting pose with Zhenya’s 2011 clubs. 🙂 GOOD LUCK to this girl and Vera Shtelbaums, Wish them ALL the BEST!!!

PS. Usually, the juniors in last year will compete in senior competition in the end of the season. That’s why you see some 1997 girls here.

About Russia Championhips here’s the official website:


13 Oct: AA qualification
14 Oct: AA final
15 Oct: Apparatus finals

AA final: (Dmitrieva and Yana Kudryavceva didn’t compete)
Apparatus finals: (Dmitrieva won 4 golds, Mamun didn’t compete)

Anastasia ranked 14th in AA final, Anna didn’t qualify for AA final, she ranked around 48th in qualification…Anastasia ranked 13th in qualification.

This is Ansatasia’s ribbon in GP Moscow 2012, she was wearing Irinaa Tchachina’s leotard

This is Anna’s clubs in GP Moscow 2012

Anastasia’s hoop 2011 (Zhenya’s rope music 2010-WCH Moscow)

Anastasia’s clubs 2011 (Zhenya’s clubs music 2007)

Award Ceremony-team-CariPrato 2011-Zhenya and Anastasia

some photos of Anastasia Kadochnikova and Vera Shtelbaums in Russia Championships 2012, taken by Oleg Naumov

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3 Responses to Vera Shtelbaums’ new student-Anastasia Kadochnikova!

  1. StretchyLily says:

    Yana’s ball routine is brilliant!

  2. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Yana Kudryavtseva-Ball EF-Russia Championships Penza 2012 (I specially cut her incredible ball routine)

    Clubs and Ribbon EF-highlight-Russia Championships Penza 2012-TV broadcast

    Hoop and Ball EF-highlight-Russia Championships Penza 2012-TV broadcast

  3. ZKG-WanWan says:

    BTW, Anastasia’s first coach is Vera Shtelbaums’ daughter-Elena Arais, I think that’s why you see her name in the coach column of AA final result.

    In this channel, few videos of this competition

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