Picture of the Day: Zhenya Amazing Pivots!!! (GIF)

Just for fun, I did another two gif pics XD.
1st also extracted from her gala in GP Moscow 2010, she performed a amazing combined pivot!-side split without help+back scale+back split with help!!! (she did this again in WC Portimao 2010)

Zhenya-amazing combined pivot-Gala-GP Moscow 2010-gif by Zoe

2nd is extracted from Irina Viner 60th Birthday Party on 2008, Zhenya did a best ever trademark pivot IMO, quadruple with high speed and high relevé!!!

Zhenya-Best Trademark pivot-gif by Zoe

做上癮了, 在做2張gif XD. 第一張一樣是GP Moscow 2010 gala, 小兔寶做了一個難度很高的聯合轉體: 側轉+踹轉+後搬腿轉體. 第二張是在Irina Viner 60大壽的慶祝晚會, 這個招牌轉, 是我見過她做那麼多次, 我覺得做的最棒的一次了, 高立踵, 速度快, 還轉了四圈!

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4 Responses to Picture of the Day: Zhenya Amazing Pivots!!! (GIF)

  1. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    @lia, Thanks for the link!

  2. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    @Elisa, sorry I don’t know…I got the video from a Russian friend long time ago…

  3. Elisa says:

    @ Zoe : I’d like to watch the entire video with Zhenya’s performance (Viner’s 60th birthday party) but can’t find it on youtube 😦 . Can you put the link please?…Thanks a lot!!XD

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