Bravo, Evgenia! You are the Best of the Best! (voting by

As a result of the editorials and readers’ voting “” named best female athlete of the year 2012. It was Evgenia Kanaeva!
Congratulations to Zhenya!!! another honor for her in 2012!!!

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The outgoing of 2012 was marked by the Summer Olympic Games in London, giving us a scattering of brilliant Olympic victories. This fact could not affect the changes in the rules of our traditional final vote for the best of the best. This year we have decided to declare just two nominations – best athlete and the best female athlete, but did not separate vote on the editorial and reader. Scheme selection of applicants has remained the same – each section editor “” offered a few of their candidates, and then get a list of 25 girls has been proposed by the total vote, which was attended by 26 journalists and editors of the portal. The problem with voting was simple: choose your own top 10, in which the athlete is on the first place gets the maximum number of points – 25. Be allocated for the second place 18 points, third – 15 and so on up to the last, the 10th line, the owner of which relied 1 point.

Special surprises in the women’s vote in the counting commission “Chempizbirkoma” not expected. Still, the absence in the ranks of contenders hokkeistok, football players, and auto motogonschits automatically causes the editor of these departments to vote “not for her.” In the end, perhaps, the only solution to the tennis division chief Daniel Salnikov, who gave the first place is not Maria Sharapova and Olympic champion in the high jump Anna Chicherova, can be called a surprise.Apart Salnikova first editor Anna gave football department Samvel Avkakyan, columnist of the same department Igor Rabinerand Head of production Anton Tretiak.

The slave, however, did not support his boss. Account executive Alexei Ageev and Alexander Titus voted unanimously for the double Olympic champion in synchronized swimming Natalia Ishchenko. Even the first three places respectively Natalia received from the chief-editor of special projects Artem Zagumennova, columnist Leo Rossoshik and leading correspondent of “Tennis” Dmitry Yadav.

Olympic gymnastics champion Aliya Mustafina won the double support in the face of the hockey department deputy editor and reporter Igor Bragin Farida Bektemirova. His 25-point voice and Alie gave volleyball editor Alexander Aksenov.

Evgenia Kanaeva-Clubs-AA Final-London 2012

Chief Editor of “” presented the first line of Maria Sharapova. “Party line” supported Head Statistics andMaxim Trokhimchuk videoshef “” Alex Zolin. The second voice “of the TV”, owned correspondent Natalia Solomatina, was given to two-time Olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva. And, as it turned out, for good reason.

That Eugene, received two first places from the “Other” – Kanaeva chosen editor and commentator Andrei Ivanov, Alexander Kruglov – and one of the first line of the head of online broadcasts Panysheva Paul, and a host of second and third places, a landslide victory in the editorial the voting, gaining 307 points. In second place was Mustafina, the third – Ishchenko.

Results of the voting of the editorials

Evgenia Kanaeva-307 points (23 votes out of 26)
Aliya Mustafina-278 (20)
Natalia Ishchenko-261 (19)
Anna Čičerova-260 (19)
Maria Sharapova-240 (21)
Natalia Antûh-170 (16)
Elena Lašmanova-167 (17)
Mariya Savinova-123 (15)
Julia Zaripova-122 (17)
Natalya Vorobyova-102 (10)
Anastasia Davydova-synchronized swimming-101 (8)
Olga Zabelinskaya – cycling – 57 (10)
Olga Kanis′kina – walking, 10 km-54 (9)
Olga zaytseva-biathlon-52 (8)
Sophia velikaia-fencing-52 (7)
Sophie Očigava – boxing – 49 (6)
Tatiana Lysenko – hammer throw – 42 (9)
Becky Hammon-basketball-41 (3)
Ekaterina Gamova – volleyball – 38 (4)
Viktoria komova-gymnastics-37 (6)
Maria Kirilenko-tennis – 25 (5)
Tatiana Kashirina – weightlifting-19 (4)
Yelena Isinbayeva – pole vault-9 (3)
Ekaterina Makarova – tennis – 2 (1)


Thus, in the second round – the voting readers – attended Evgenia Kanaeva, Aliya Mustafina, Natalia Ishchenko, Anna Chicherova, Maria Sharapova, Natalia Antyukh, Elena Lashmanova, Maria Savinov, Julia and Natalie Zaripova Vorobyov.Voting lasted a week and ended on Saturday, December 22. Readers chose their winner Maria Sharapova – a silver medalist Olympic Games in London and the winner of the “Roland Garros 2012.” For the first tennis player received three times the amount of points – 75. Aliya Mustafina was the second, closed the top three winners Evgenia Kanaeva.

Results of the voting of the readers

Maria Sharapova-3551 voice (75 points)
Aliya Mustafina – 2817 of votes (54)
Evgenia kanaeva-2003 votes (45)
Natalya Antûh – 875 votes (36)
Anna Čičerova-864 votes (30)
Natalia Ischenko is 408 votes (24)
Elena Lašmanova-376 votes (18)
Mariya Savinova-237 votes (12)
Julia Zaripova-211 votes (6)
Natalya Vorobyova-117 votes (3)

After careful to collect points in the voting, and with it the title of best female athlete of the year 2012 is awarded Evgenia Kanayeva, the Olympic champion in London, has shown once again that the Russian rhythmic gymnastics is ahead, and at least two buildings. Bravo, Evgene! You are really the best of the best! Aliya Mustafina, brilliantly gave light to the sport after a nightmarish injury and won a long-awaited gold medal for the Russian artistic gymnast, took second place. Readers love “Чемпионат.com” helped Maria Sharapova moved from fifth place to third and win virtual bronze. And we congratulate the winner, prize-winners and all participants vote. Girls, you are our forte. Continue to win. Well, more … Next – vote for best athlete of year 2012. and it has already begun.

Total vote

Evgenia Kanaeva – 352 points
Aliya Mustafina – 332
Maria Sharapova – 315
Anna Chicherova – 290
Natalia Ishchenko – 285
Natalya Antyukh – 206
Elena Lashmanova – 185
Maria Savinov – 135
Julia Zaripova – 128
Natalia Vorobyova – 105


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