Evgenia Kanaeva Montage: Amazing Grace by Hershey

Big Thanks my friend Hershey!!! She did this montage 4 years ago, after Olympics Beijing 2008. And I got her permission to publish on ZKG YTB channel. My favorite part is the ending with Zhenya’s hands slow motion. Moreover “Amazing Grace” is my favorite hymn, I always feel like crying when I hear this song.

BTW, this montage is one of the gifts dedicated to Zhenya in my big parcel project in 2009/Zhenya-Greeting Gift Project so actually Zhenya have seen it 🙂

PS. I posted some important videos presented by ZKG on video page, check it out.

這個影片是製作於四年前北京奧運結束之後, 當年我是在百度貼吧看到的, 一看到就很喜歡, 我最喜歡的部分就是結尾, 小兔寶手部特寫慢動作. Amazing Grace 是我最喜歡的聖歌, 每次聽到都覺得要潸然淚下. 這個montage 後來因緣際會認識了巧克力/ Hershey. 2009年底, 當我舉辦寄禮物給小兔寶祝福計畫的時候, 就特別請她把原始影片找出來放到禮物之中, 就是那個大包裹. 當時她還另外做了2個montage. 所以, 小兔寶本人是看過這個影片的 🙂

PS. 我把ZKG video頁面小整理了一下, 放上了幾個由ZKG出品的影片- 字幕、成套、montage等。

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