Zhenya and Dmitrieva-radio interview-summary translation

English translated by my friends catts and Alyona, Billion Billion Thanks!!!

The first serious question was:
Q: How do you feel at this moment? Are you glad that it is all over or what?
Dasha: The preparation was long for this one competition. We always wondered when it was going to start. Now it is over, there is a bit of sadness at first because it is finished …
Zhenya (jumped in and said): long preparation but it is a joy that the competition finished really quick …
hotsts: This is not your first time, Zhenya, It is your second time.
Zhenya: Yes. second time (after saying some other things, with the hosts adding some more) … Thank God it is a joy that I have even the opportunity to take part in the OG twice … and win. A great fortune … (she did not finish and the hosts started saying some other things)

second question:
Q. How many hours do you train, especially right before the OG?
Dasha: No less than 8 hours.
hosts: It is like a working person’s working hours, Normal. With lunch time, right?
Zhenya: It happens (laughs).
Dasha: But we are not allowed to eat (laughs).
Host: Only 100 gram of “tvorog” (sour cheese).
Dasha: No, 99 gram (laughs).
then Dasha: during training we needed to look after our diet and weight and could not eat too much. We really looked forward to the time when we can eat and enjoy food freely. Now, it is all over, and we have already lost that desire.
Zhenya: Our stomachs have got smaller!
Host: Dear owner of Kebab Café! Wait for the guests! (Just a joke)

third question:
Q: You have taken part in the OG. What is next for you? Are there any goals you want to reach? Continue? Or you feel that you have done it all, it is time to relax? Dasha, you may aim for gold …
Zhenya: Then, should I live on pension (indicating retirement) then? Ha ha ha …
Host: Zhenya, I think now all your team mates will look for a boyfriend for you. Then you will become a mother and…
Zhenya: I can do (gymnastics) even being a mother (laughs).
hosts: Do you want to get into a Guinness Book? What is your plan?
Zhenya: I have only planned my life till London. And I have no further plan at the moment. hosts: You don’t think about what is further?
Zhenya, Now, at this moment, no plan.

Fourth question:
Q: You have so many different titles now. Having all of them are you ever afraid of anyone when you step into the hall? Except the coach.
Dasha: I am only afraid of myself.
Zhenya: Because you never know what to expect from yourself.
Host: Any other rivals? Or you always fight with yourself?
Zhenya: Well, we are in a sport not like wrestling or boxing, we do gymnastics.
hosts: But you surely see that other gymnasts are getting better.
Zhenya: We only learn from each other, that’s all. And we try to become better with every start and every program.
hosts: Who surprised you (indicating strong opponents)?
Zhenya: We were surprised by the Korean gymnast, Son. She was at the third position after two apparatus. Plus, there are strong schools in Belarus and Azerbaijan.

Fifth question:
Q: China, how about its RG?
Zhenya: Today, in terms of RG, not very much.
hosts: thank God!! (and they started clapping)

Sixth question:
Q. Did you manage to see anything besides the gymnastic hall?
Zhenya: No.
Host: What city we are in, sorry?
Zhenya: London (laughs).
Host: Please pay attention that behind the glass there is a pensioner in RG Tanya Gorbunova.
Zhenya: Yes, we used to perform together in Beijing.
Host: It looks like she asks us to leave the girls free. Zhenya, are you going to go and get some souvenirs together? Oh, I see you are going to have some fun. Let her wait for a while.
Host: So you haven’t seen anything yet?
Zhenya: No, we only changed our leotards and came directly here.
Host: You shouldn’t do it. I mean change your leos. (All laugh)
Host: Well, Zhenya, can you imagine that after one more Olympics people will call you a pensioner, because you will retire.
Zhenya: I am not going to speak about my age (laughs).
Host: Well, after two Olympics, after three…
Dasha: I am not going to retire.
Zhenya: I am young enough and I am not going to retire (laughs).
Host: Now all the rivals around the world say: O my God, is she ever going to retire?!
Zhenya: They will hire a killer (laughs).
Host: Pay attention that Dasha keeps silent.
Zhenya: She is preparing her knife already (laughs).
Host: Your coach has always said that there is big rivalry within the Russian team. And actually it looks as if you mostly compete with each other. Is it normal from your point of view?
Zhenya: Quite normal, as you see, we both are ok.
Host: Well, we don’t know what is going on between you behind the curtain.
Zhenya: I strangle her with a pillow at nights (laughs).
Host: Girls, thank you so much! You are so good, you are so beautiful! We wish you good boyfriends (all laugh), happiness, further Olympics and gold medals. Specially to Dasha!
Zhenya: What do you mean? (laughs)
Host: Well, we wish Zhenya to increase the amount of gold medals!
Zhenya: That’s much better!
Host: Thank you for making happy the whole country. You have lived up to every one’s expectation. Bravo!

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  1. Giovanna says:

    Wow, thank you sooo much!! I was eagerly looking for a translation! Zhenya’s so sweet!

    By the way, congratulation for this website, it is really good!

    from Giovanna, Zhenya’s fan from Brasil.

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