Translation: News Report-EC 2012 with Zhenya’s short interview

original video link:
Translated Zhenya, Viner, and Merkulova’s interviews, Big Big Thanks Tatiana!!!

Viner: There are amazing results of tournament arrangement. Everything was prepared in a high level. Amazing training halls and general decoration. It’s great management in such a short period, just 1 year was given to arrange all this.

Merkulova: Yes, all our programs are strong. so it’s a little difficult (she means it is difficult for other countries to be at the top of podium).

Zhenya: There are 2 months left before OG therefore I’m not planning anything. Because it happened before in our team that one member replaced another one. So I’m not planning anything ahead, I’m training, listening to my coaches and to my the dear ones.

And here’s another news video with Zhenya’s short interview (0:33-0:44)
Big Big Thanks Alyona for translation!!!

Zhenya: I need to be more confident and neat performing my routines. There is enough time to go. I am happy that all my coaches are happy with my performances.

P.S. vodpod was bought by Lockerz, and it works not good as vodpod, sometimes the videos on the sidebar can not be showed orz…

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