Video: EC 2012 senior AA-group A and Zhenya 4 AA routines

I uploaded the whole senior AA group A-RUS TV version to Youtube
here you are
(sorry not available in Germany and few countries)

And cut Zhenya’s 4 AA routines
Ball-Spanish TV version-with K &C (Thanks my friend Minerva!)

Ball-RUS TV version-without K &C

Hoop-Spanish TV version-with K &C (Thanks my friend Minerva!)

Hoop-RUS TV version-without K &C

Ribbon-RUS TV version-with K &C

Clubs-RUS TV version-with K &C

Zhenya’s gala-EC 2012
music: “L-O-V-E” (Joss Stone version, original by Nat King Cole)

Gala show-40 mins-RUS Sport 2 TV
(sorry not available in Germany, USA and few countries)

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10 Responses to Video: EC 2012 senior AA-group A and Zhenya 4 AA routines

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Laura, many many thanks for your translation ♥♥♥ I posted it for a new article.

  2. Laura says:

    The interviewer asks Zhenya if she she can repeat her Olympic gold in London or conversely,this is so difficult.
    Zhenya: I don’t know. There are too many stages before Olympics and only two gymnast per country can participate. We all want to go.
    Q: who are the strongest rivals for Russian in London?
    Z: When I compete I don’t think about rivals because this isn’t a fight, this isn’t a sport in which we have to combat. We only go to the carpet and perform our routine.There are a lot of strong countries like Belaruss, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Italy. It’s really difficult to determinate who is the strongest because this is an unpredictable sport.
    Q: Hope I can interview you in London, after winning your second gold.
    Z: I hope I can go! It’s my dream to take part twice in OG.

  3. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Laura, thank you very much!!!

  4. Laura says:

    Zhenya was interviewed for TV from Chile (from min 14 to 17)

  5. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships 2012 Montage (nice video!)

    Zhenya’s training video in EC

  6. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Anonymous, thanks for correcting me 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    That’s not the real title of the song. The real title is “L-O-V-E”. It is verifiable anywhere on the internet. This song is a classic. Btw, no one sings it better than Nat King Cole.

  8. ZKG-WanWan says:

    actually, I don’t like this gala very much…her last gala that I love is the one in WCH Mie 2009 orz…

    to the fan from Peru, thank you, I found it is Joss Stone’s version too. and thanks for supporting my blog 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    “it’s love was made for me and you” sang by joss stone 😉
    btw I’m a total fan of this website
    I’m from Peru and I love zhenya ❤

  10. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Zhenya’s gala-EC 2012!!!
    music: “L-O-V-E” (Joss Stone version, original by Nat King Cole)

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