Omsk gymnasts now have a New Year gift – a new Olympic RG Training Center

December 29, Omsk, the grand opening of the new Olympic Training Centre in rhythmic gymnastics was held. A large sports facility opened in person head of the region, Leonid Polezhayev. Zhenya and Shtelbaums both attended the opening ceremony. And Zhenya performed a free hand gala with her 2010 ball music.
check these links for photos and video

The total area of ​​the sports complex – 6,5 thousand square meters. In the center of the gym, there are three sports hall, stands for 400 spectators, referees and coaching rooms, dressing room, recreation center and support facilities.

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Zhenya’s gala performance at opening ceremony.

News report video
1:29 Zhenya says: “It’s great that our city has now such a great center. I hope that our little gymnasts will be shining on the international level thankfully to this wonderful center with nice facilities” (Thanks Tatiana for the translation!!!)

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10 Responses to Omsk gymnasts now have a New Year gift – a new Olympic RG Training Center

  1. Dorian says:

    For how long can Zhenya do a hand stand? In the video it looks like only half a second.I can do 2.3 seconds.I should be the world champion.Maybe it’s just me and maybe I’m way off base here but I believe Zhenya should work on her hand stands before the next olympics.HUUUUUUUUURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ZKG-WanWan says:

    here’s some big size photos, right click the thumbnail and then open with new tab or new window, you can get the big size photos

  3. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @activschorle, Thank you!!! and happy new year to you and to everyone 🙂

  4. activschorle says:

    Ok,thanks ;)) i wish you a happy new year ;*

  5. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Ohhh by the way, maybe Zhenya will watch a famous old Russian movie “an irony of fate” on New Year holidays hahaha, she said in one of her interviews she watches it every year XD
    (this article/ the translation was posted when ZKG was in msn live space, when I transferred this blog to wordpress, there is a slight distortion of the layout and appearance of all the old articles, sorry for the inconvenience)

  6. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @activschorle, sorry I don’t know…but I think she will celebrate Christmas+New Year holidays with her family in OMSK (p.s. Russian celebrate Christmas on 7th January)

  7. activschorle says:

    Hey 😉 do you know how zhenya will celebrate new year or chistmas?

  8. Michel says:

    There is no better person in order to open a sports hall for rg. For many good rg athletes in future. Evgeniya used my favorite leotard in this gala. She still has the SL leo :P.

  9. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Congratulations to Zhenya and all OMSK gymnasts!!!

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