FIG World Ranking 2011

After the last FIG World Cup series Tashkent, FIG released the overall world ranking, Daria Kondakova tops the world ranking in all apparatus and AA. Zhenya didn’t rank high this year because she took part only three competitions of World Cup series,  (on the other hand, she participated all GP events so far), thus didn’t get many points, especially she didn’t compete the only one WC A category event-WC Sofia (because she was in China for Universiade at that time), and the points of A category is much more than B category events.

World ranking rule: counted best four competitions results, if you didn’t participate at least 4 events, then counted all your results.

Here’s the FIG report about WC Tashkent 2011 results and world ranking 2011.
Dmitrieva dominates Tashkent, Kondakova tops World Ranking
And here’s the world ranking lists-pdf files-Individual and Group,10853,5187-195619-212842-nav-list,00.html
Zhenya ranked 5th in AA, 4th in Hoop and Ball, 11th in Clubs and 7th in Ribbon.
For group, RUS tops in AA, 5 balls and 3+2, BLR 2nd in AA, 2nd in 5 balls and 3rd in 3+2, ITA 3rd in AA, 6th in 5 balls and 2nd in 3+2.

最後一個世界杯分站賽塔十干結束之後, 今年的FIG世界排名的結果也出爐了, Daria Kondakova 在各單項及個人全能均排名第一。小兔寶今年因為參加太少FIG世界杯分站賽了, 只比了三個分站賽 (大獎賽就每個都去比), 積分太少, 所以排名不高, 尤其是唯一的一個A級世界杯Sofia沒去比 (因為當時她在深圳比世界大學生運動會), 那個積分是比B級世界杯多很多的。

FIG世界排名的規則是計算最佳四個比賽的積分, 沒參加至少四個比賽的話, 就是所有比賽積分全算。


Dmitrieva dominates Tashkent, Kondakova tops World Ranking
以下是各項世界排名lists: 個人跟集體,10853,5187-195619-212842-nav-list,00.html
小兔寶AA排名第五, Hoop and Ball排第四, Clubs今年上半年比較抖因此僅排第11, Ribbon排第七。

集體的排名, 俄羅斯AA及兩個單項都排名第一, 也是因為義大利沒有參加很多比賽, 俄羅斯參加了七個比賽, 義大利只參加四個。白俄羅斯AA排第二, 五球排第二以及3+2排第三。義大利AA排第三, 五球排第六, 3+2排第二。今年有個黑馬, 以色列五球排第三。

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5 Responses to FIG World Ranking 2011

  1. xSleepingAwakex says:

    True! 🙂 Zhenya doesn’t need photoshop 🙂 I love photos on which she smiles, they’re the best 🙂

  2. activschorle says:

    thanks for info:)when i saw this pic with vera stelbaums ,i laughed that makes me happy.before this i thought about 9/11 in new york,so… thanks and bye 😉

  3. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @xSleepingAwakex, of course Zhenya tops in all apparatus in GP events now 😉 so far 4 GP events, and Zhenya only lost in ball once @GP Holon 2011. this is the GP ranking list after 3rd GP event-Thiais 2011
    Zhenya tops in all apparatus, and since she won all golds @the 4th GP event-Berlin Masters 2011, so she still leads in all apparatus right now

    About top beauty, actually I don’t like this kind photos…I saw this year’s ones, sorry I don’t like it…too much photoshop, those photos looks don’t like Zhenya at all orz…even last year I don’t like that much, same with those fashion photos in that Calendar 2010…for me I much more like her training and competitions photos and I love without make up and nature pics…for me the photo that I used in my ZKG T is 1000 times better than top beauty’s…Zhenya’s face so beautiful and peace in this pic, seems the time is still at this moment and forever <333

  4. xSleepingAwakex says:

    I hope her ranking will be better for GP events 🙂

    btw, have you seen her neww photos from Top Beauty? 😀 they’re nice ♥

  5. ZKG-WanWan says:

    覺得賽程都排的很差, 經常有撞車的比賽出現, 因此往往只能二選一去比, 加上今年世界杯的規則是每個國家最多只能派兩名選手, 俄羅斯因為小兔寶的關係可以多加一名, 因此更考驗教練安排選手參加比賽的智慧

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