Announcement: Zhenya Birthday Gift Project 2011!

Dear Zhenya Fans!

Soon will be Zhenya’s 21th Birthday (02-April-2011)! Zhenya is soooo innovative and improving this year, so I want to show our big support to HER! Just do what you want, there is no limit: montage, art design picture, drawing, writing letter etc, what ever, just show your love to Zhenya 紅心 When you finish please send your gift to this e-mail adress:  if your file is big please upload to mediafire or other places and give me the download link via e-mail. I will collect everyone’s gift then send to Zhenya’s Mom-Svetlana, she will forward to Zhenya for sure. The deadline will be 28-March-2011

Thank You All 🙂

Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium

Dear Zhenya Fans!

Уже совсем скоро Женя отмечает свой 21 день Рождения (2 апреля 2011). В этом году она не перестает удивлять нас своим творчеством и мастерством. Поэтому давайте поддержим её в этом.
Женя дарит нам радость, вдохновляет нас.
Давайте покажем, что мы верим в неё и очень любим!!! Давайте все вместе сделаем для неё подарок.
Время для творчества, друзья!!! Это может быть все что угодно: красивая открытка, рисунок, видео-монтаж, письмо и т.д., – главное, что это от всей души.
Вся эта коллекция будет направлена Жене, и мы надеемся, что это её порадует.

Все это можно прислать на e-mail:  до 28 марта.

Спасибо всем!!!

Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium

Dear Zhenya Fans!

小兔寶的生日快到了 (4月2日)。今年她這麼上進,所以我想有點表示,大家自己想想做點什麼,我不設限,montage、設計圖片、畫畫、寫信等等都可,只要展現你對小兔寶的愛 紅心。做好 e-maill給我,如果檔案很大請上傳到mediafire or 其他網路空間並以e-mail通知我下載地址。我會收集所有人的禮物然後傳給小兔媽媽讓她轉給小兔寶。

感謝大家 🙂

Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium

Here’s the Big Parcel that I sent to Zhenya on 18-Dec-2009 for the Zhenya Greeting Gifts Project 2009. The dimention of this parcel is 72 x 42 x 9 cm

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14 Responses to Announcement: Zhenya Birthday Gift Project 2011!

  1. Michel says:

    “Chebu” hihi great, I call one of my dwarf hamsters “Tscheburaschka”, the german version of “Cheburashka”, but sometime I call him “Tscheb” (~Cheb) *g*. Svetlana forgot the brown of Athens, but he’s rare, even I have him not :(. And Zoe, you get your red/white one also sometime.

  2. Svetlana!!! Ohhh I love her soooo MUCH <33333
    "Dear Zoe, ………….How are you feeling now? Hope everything is ok with you. I am sooo happy you liked our gifts)) I thought you would love it) It's a winter Chebu (that's how I call it)))) from Vancouver OG.)) They have different kind for different Games, the one from Beijing OG is red. And from Turin OG is white) You got the youngest one)))) Ohh, I forgot to ask Zhenya about your parcel yesterday, I am sure she received it. She just came back from Italy. So they should give it to her in Novogorsk. Because I looked it up at EMS site and it says that they delivered it to Novogorsk. So I will ask her tonight. "

    Ohhh Svetlana is sooo lovely and sweet as always (L) I love these words "You got the youngest one))))" hahaha really love it!!! ❤ and I am very happy to learn my gifts for Zhenya has arrived in Novogorsk 🙂

  3. Dear All: Today is the deadline, please remember to send your gift to Thank you ALL!!!

  4. @Lynn: I can’t guarantee you that Zhenya will definitely receive your gift if you send to Novogorsk training centre. Because me and my friends all ever were returned the packages before. but sometimes the packages were received by Zhenya, so just by luck…I don’t understand Russian post system at all…But Novogorsk is the only place that you can send to…and I also can’t guarantee you Zhenya will give you respond if she receives your gift…

  5. Lynn says:

    Will Zhenya receive the present if I sent it to Novogorsk Training Centre?

  6. For those who join the project of the project XD-“Zhenya apparatus montage series”. The deadline is 31-Mar-2011! I give you a bit longer times 🙂

  7. @Oldfield: Thank you very much for the congratulations and subscribed my blog 🙂 enjoy your time here 🙂

    BTW, I posted the photo of the BIG PARCEL in this article that I sent to Zhenya on 18-Dec-2010 for the Zhenya Greeting Gifts Project 2009. The dimention of this parcel is 72 x 42 x 9 cm.
    catts ever told me: “For me, even there are a lot of pictures of Zhenya, no one picture could compare to the one she took with your present (the big parcel) by her phone.” (L) Yesssss for me too, Always will be my favorite photo of Zhenyaaaaaaaa ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  8. Oldfield says:

    Hi everyone.
    I’m new here and it’s the first time I write. Of course I love Zhenya and I’m going to try to prepare something for her if time allows me.
    Congratulations for this website!

  9. I have sent out my personal gifts for Zhenya, also some gifts for Zhenya’s Mom-Svetlana, Zhenya’s coach-Vera Shtelbaums, Zhenya’s Granny and Zhenya’s brother by post on 08-Mar-2011. Svetlana and Zhenya both knew already there is a package sending to her 🙂
    Same with me, Svetlana also love Russian National women’s volleyball team, and we have the same favorite player-Sokolova ♥ 😀

  10. To Lynn: send to “Novogorsk Training Centre”
    check address here

  11. Lynn says:

    If I’m having a present for her,how am I going to send it to her?

  12. Anita says:

    I really hope to have the time to make something for our little-big Zhenecka 🙂

  13. Michel says:

    I hope it works, what I plan…. so childish *g*

  14. Thank you very much Tanya! Your Russian version is so well writing and beautiful ♥

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