Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium @wordpress now!

OK, I have transfered “Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium” from windows live space to wordpress.com! All the old articles (including links, photos and videos in articles) and comments were moved here successfully. Maybe few comments lost, I didn’t check. But I think almost all were here. Old space’s URL will link to this new one automatically! including all old articles’ links! Now everyone can leave comments and no need to sign-up in wordpress, log-in in wordpress or fill-in your e-mail address! Just leave a name then you can post comments! It’s more convenient than Live Space! 

But some old space options can not be transfered:
1. Photos albums:
please visits @msn sky drive and my photobucket account

2. relative links:
all the old relative links are gone, I will re-build it later.

3. Header (Banner):
Still need time to figure it out, please wait.

Thank you and hopefully you like this new place 🙂

windows live space終於無法再更新文章了, 所以只好動手搬家
所有的舊文章 (包含文章內的相片, 影片跟links) 及回應都跟著原封不動移過來了
也許有少數回應不見了, 我還沒check. 但我想應該都搬過來了. 點舊網址會自動連到這個新的, 包括所有舊文章網址! 還有現在發表回應可以不用登入wordpress或在wordpress申請帳號 or 填寫e-mail address! 只要打個名字就可以發表回應囉 🙂 比以前Live space方便很多!

1. 相簿:
原live space的相簿還在那, 另還有photobucket的相簿

2. 相關連結:
所有相關連結都不見了, 我晚點會重建

3. Banner:

謝謝大家, 希望你們會喜歡這個新地方 🙂


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5 Responses to Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium @wordpress now!

  1. 謝謝 喵喵來參觀 🙂 拿拖鞋, 奉茶, 送點心~~哈哈哈. 嗯嗯 點頭同意, 介面比以前清爽乾淨.
    and 目前的BANNER是巴西小帥哥新做的, 用WP的尺寸, 所以沒有走形 XDD

  2. feeva says:


  3. Dear Stella: 感謝你來留言 🙂 (L)

  4. Stella says:


  5. 換上自訂的Banner了…不過是拿舊的圖改了尺寸, 所以有點走形了
    Changed new banner! but I just adjusted an old banner pic size and uploaded it, so a bit out of shape. wordpress can’t change header size, need to study how to change size.

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