Shtelbaums was bestowed “Order of Friendship” by President!

(photo from WC Debrecen 2010)
news link: released on 30 Dec. 2010
(Thanks Tatiana and Alyona for the translation)
President Dmitriy Medvedev signed decree on bestowing (awarding) Vera
Shtelbaums “Order (or medal) of Friendship”. 
This valuabale award was granted to her for the great achievements of her pupil
– Evgenia Kanaeva – at the Olympic Games 2008.
and Zhenya’s Mom-Svetlana told me: it’s quite a high award from the government.

Congratulations to Vera Efremovna!!! She totally well deserved it!!!
Congratulations Zhenya, she doesn’t let down her coach, she doesn’t let
her coach’s hard work in vain.
This honor is for them both!!!

Zhenya also was awarded “Order of Friendship” for her result at OG 2008 on Aug. 2009.
news links:

Introduction of “Order of Friendship”

俄羅斯總統Dmitriy Medvedev頒發Shtelbaums “友誼勳章”. 這是獎勵她在訓練上的偉大貢獻, 她的學生Evgenia Kanaeva在2008年北京奧運取得重大成功. 小兔媽媽跟我說這個勳章的等級蠻高的.

恭喜教練奶奶!!! 完全實至名歸!!!
也恭喜小兔寶, 她總是不辜負教練的期望, 這是她們師徒二人努力的成果.



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5 Responses to Shtelbaums was bestowed “Order of Friendship” by President!

  1. Michel says:

    In the German wiki stands still a lot more, the medal is normally also the highest decoration for foreigners. A very high decoration for Evgeniya and Vera!

  2. Wan and catts says:

    Ya I found the newsZhenya also was awarded "Order of Friendship" on Aug. 2009 for her achievement at OG2008 of "Order of Friendship"

  3. Laura says:

    Yes! Congratulations Vera!!

  4. Michel says:

    Finally, Evgeniyas "foster mother" Vera Shtelbaums has get a prize. Congratulation!

  5. Wan and catts says:

    想找一張比較近期2人合照的照片, 但看來看去還是最喜歡去年初拍的這張

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