Golden Pedestal: Best Athlete of Russia in 2010!

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This poll was made by TV channel Russia 2 and website
The viewers and visitors will choose the "Best Athlete of Russia in 2010" on 31 Dec.
Vote via SMS (cell phone) and website.

There are 12 candidates, chosen from the best athlete of the month this year, Zhenya was best in April.
Each of them is assigned a unique code – the serial number is the month which he/she won.
Voting will take place on the last day of the year and will consist three stages-quarter, semi and final.

The first round– quarter-final –voting starts on Friday December 31 at 10.15 Moscow time.
At this stage the 12 candidates were categorized into four groups. (Zhenya was in group 4)
The athlete who gets highest votes of each group will advance to semi final.
In the second round will be devided to two semi-final pairs. Winner of each pair will advance to final round.
And finally, the finale. One on one. An
athlete with the highest number of votes in the final, declared the
best sportsman of 2010!

I can’t vote for Zhenya, but good luck to her!!!

又一個歲末票選, 是電視台Russia 2跟網站Sportbox.ru舉辦的
這個電視台每個月會票選當月最佳運動員, 然後獲選者會安排上sports week的節目
小兔寶是四月份最佳運動員, 所以是12個候選人之一.
票選將在今年最後一天12月31日舉行, 分個階段-1/4決賽, 半決賽跟決賽.
1/4決賽將12個候選人分成四組 (小兔寶在第四組), 每組得票最高者進入半決賽,
半決賽分為2組, 得票最高者進入決賽, 決賽就是一對一對決.
投票是透過手機跟網站, e-mail投票.

要贏蠻難的吧, 祝小兔寶好運囉!!! 

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3 Responses to Golden Pedestal: Best Athlete of Russia in 2010!

  1. Michel says:

    I think the swimmer isn\’t that problem, hockey is in Russia more popular. But I\’m optimistic… as always 😉

  2. Wan and catts says:

    in Zhenya\’s group, the other two are hockey player and swimmer, mmm I think will be a little bit struggle to pass through to semi. anyway, good luck to Zhenya!!!

  3. Michel says:

    Go Evgeniya go, semifinal is possible, maybe even more. I\’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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