FIG World Ranking 2010

(photo: GP final
berlin 2010 original link ) 

Sorry it’s a little bit late information…actually very late. the final results of RG world ranking list 2010 was released on 01 Sep. 2010. but I am too lazy to post it here back then….

Anyway, once again, Zhenya topped the rankings on all apparatus and taking the titles of the overall series on Rope, Ball and Ribbon with 200 points each. She shares the title on Hoop with compatriot Daria Kondakova, both having earned 180 points. (quote these words from the FIG website:,10869,5187-187975-19728-44545-310151-17968-5233-layout188-205197-news-item,00.html )

World ranking counted best 4 competitons’ results from world cup series. Zhenya participated 6 world cup series events in 2010, she won all finals on Ball and Ribbon, and took full mark – 200 points ( 4 x 50 ) on Rope, Ball and Ribbon.
Still a very outstanding season for Zhenya, well well done.!!!

Here’s the world ranking list 2010 from FIG,10853,5187-195619-212842-nav-list,00.html
Screen shot

and here you can watch the award ceremony for the winners of  world cup series 2010, it was @WC Pesaro because Pesaro was the last world cup series event. Zhenya got 4 big cups XDDD.
many thanks anita for uploading the video

BTW, Zhenya also leads in all 4 apparatus @ GP ranking, check GP ranking lists here
but the lists were not complete, anyway, after Berlin final, Zhenya got highest points @4 apparatus.

不好意思有點久遠的資訊了. 2010 FIG 的世界排名. 之前太懶散一直沒想更新這資訊
根據 world cup series比賽成績計算積分跟排名.
跟以前一樣計算最好的4個比賽單決賽成績. A級世界杯-金牌-50分 B級-金牌-30分
今年小兔寶依然拿下所有單項排名冠軍, 環跟Kondakova相同機分180分, 兩人並列第一. 其餘3項都拿到滿分-200分 (4 x 50)
今年她總共參加了6個世界杯分站賽. 贏了所有球跟彩帶的決賽.

排名的資訊請參看以上圖片跟連結, 另有頒獎影片, 小兔寶拿到4個大獎杯。 

另, 大獎賽的排名, 小兔寶同樣也是在所有單項積分都是最高, 今年她總共參加了7個大獎賽.

今年依然是表現非常傑出的一年. well well done Zhenya!!!

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