Zhenya won “Silver Doe” award

Zhenya won “Silver Doe” award, it’s an award for Best 10 athletes of Russia 2010 which  were selected by the  sports jourlists’ federation of Russia.
here’s news link:
This selection is different from the one that I posted yesterday. All winners will be awarded a statuettes “Sliver Doe”.
Again, Zhenya won this award for three consecutive years. (2008-2010)
Award ceremony will be held on February 2011.
Congratulations Zhenya!!!

Winners of the “Silver doe ” are (in alphabetical order): Catherine Gamow (volleyball), Yuliya Efimova (swimming), Evgenia Kanaeva(rhythmic gymnastics), Olga Kaniskina (athletics), Nikita Kryukov (skiing) Aliya Mustafina (gymnastics), Irina Skvortsova (bobsleigh), Ivan Skobrev (skates), Evgene Ustyugov (biathlon), Alexander Shustov (athletics). 

The best team – women’s volleyball national team of Russia, they defended the world title in 2010.
Best coach in 2010 – Tatiana Pokrovskaya (synchronized swimming). 
And FIG also reported the news on 27 Dec. 2010,10869,5187-191774-208997-44545-311881-news-item,00.html

每年俄羅斯記者協會都會票選”年度10大運動員”, 稱為”銀鹿獎”, 得獎者會獲贈一個銀鹿雕像.
恭喜小兔寶又得到銀鹿獎, 這也是她連續第三年得獎了. (2008-2010)
10名得獎者如上. 另還有頒發最佳團隊-俄羅斯女排代表隊跟最佳教練-
Tatiana Pokrovskaya (水上芭蕾).

This is the “Silver Doe”-這就是銀鹿獎的獎座.

BTW, here’s another poll-the sexiest athlete in 2010, Zhenya is on the list.
poll link:

這邊又在票選最性感的運動選手了, 好像剛剛開始而已.

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7 Responses to Zhenya won “Silver Doe” award

  1. Wan and catts says:

    FIG also reported this news (Best 10 athletes of the year in Russia) on 27 Dec. 2010http://,10869,5187-191774-208997-44545-311881-news-item,00.html

  2. Michel says:

    So so "sexy" *g* Evgeniya has won this poll ;). Nice, that she has won with her beauty and grace and not with indecent photos.

  3. Wan and catts says:

    kp.ru released the result of poll-Zhenya won it for first time, 2nd Sharapova, 3rd Isinbayevahttp://www.kp.ru/daily/24612/780937/but seems the poll is still going. anyway, Congtratulations Zhenya!

  4. Michel says:

    Of course she is even more than this, it\’s only a poll by one newspaper. Perhaps only 1000 people who vote… not really serious. For "elegance", there are no readers, but "sexiest" sounds better 😉

  5. Laura says:

    Totally deserved! My congratulations to Zhenya!

  6. Wan and catts says:

    hehehe actually I didn\’t like this kind-poll "sexiest", Zhenya is more than this. I am too serious :))maybe most diligent, most modest, most beautiful(or warmest) smile or most elegant will be more comfortable for me, XDD anyway, very nice to see Zhenya in the lead.

  7. Michel says:

    At the moment she leads at "sexiest athlete in 2010"! Evgeniya wins again (almost) everything, she deserved it! Congratulations!

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