Video translation-Zhenya in Novogorsk


This is a news report about the homely-feeling of Novogorsk for the Russian athletes.
It was showed by Russia channel 2 on 29 Nov. 2010 in sports week program
Many many thanks catts for english translation, but it’s not 100% just some part of the video.
anyway, even it’s a rough translation still can help fans to understand it. thanks catts again!!!

here’s the translation:

At the beginning, the news reporter (the man) mentioned how people explained where they lived: apartments, houses, hotels, etc. However, ‘for Evgenia Kanaeva, her answer to this question is Novogorsk. She is the great gymnast who has won all. After every victory, she returns to this base. It is not difficult to explain why if you yourself are not surrounded by the best, there is not a chance for anything. This is the environment where Kanaeva lives in.’ Then, the report went on to talk about foreign representatives visiting Novogorsk.

At 1.36, the reporter (the woman) introduced Zhenya as the ‘undisputed queen of RG’, then Zhenya said, ‘home, I think Novogorsk has become my home.’

At 1.44, ‘as the OG champion, you can see her picture nicely shown on the outside of the whole building. The question about where to find the place for gymnastics is right away answered.’ Then the receptionist asked, ‘you come to ask for who?’ The reporter then said, ‘the surname Kanaeva automatically will spell itself out as she is the well-known champion. Her pictures are hanged on the wall of the corridor showing the pride of our sport.’

Then the restaurant is shown. At 2.20, the reporter said this restaurant cooked some of Zhenya’s favourite food but as a gymnast she could not eat as she wanted. Then Zhenya said (with a laughing face), ‘I love eating very much. No matter what, I love to eat. There is no limit.’

Then, the director explained the need of making Novogorsk like home for the athletes, ie. develop a sense of belonging.

At 3.07, Zhenya said, ‘native land?  It is the hall. (laugh) Already like a native land because everyday most of the time I spend in the hall.’

Then, the report talked about Zhenya’s training schedule, ie. from morning till evening.

At. 4.03, Zhenya said, ‘lay down, relax.’ In a different room, Zhenya said, ‘these are the seats, better if always with music playing.’
and then Zhenya joked and said the sauna was cold (because it was not heat up yet – catts’ comment!)

After the bath tub, Zhenya said the use of these facilities needs to be reserved beforehand. Otherwise, the place will be packed.

To finish off, the reporter said something like, ’with the busy training schedule, again the OG champion will be left without lunch. There are also photo sessions and other stuff, so, even with all these fancy facilities for relaxation, she will struggle to find time to enjoy them … ‘

有點時間的影片了, 翻譯雖然只有部分, 不過大致上也能知道影片在說甚麼, 非常感謝catts!!!!!!!
這是俄羅斯-channel 2 sports week在11月29日節目中播出的,同一天的節目還有Plushenko的專訪, 上傳者也同時有傳到youtube的

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3 Responses to Video translation-Zhenya in Novogorsk

  1. Wan and catts says:

    @Michel & SUMI: you are welcome 🙂

  2. SUMI says:

    wow!! Thank you very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Michel says:

    Thanks for translation catts! Evgeniya feels really well there, she laughs a lot. Nice.

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