World Cup Corbeil-Essonnes 2010

New competitions series started. This weekend in Corbeil-Essonnes of France.
Official website:
FIG preview report:
Friday, 7 May 2010

14h00 to 16h30 AA – Group B

20h00 to 22h30 AA – Group A

Saturday, 8 May 2010

14h00 to 16h30 AA – Group B

20h00 to 22h30 AA – Group A

Sunday, 9 May 2010

14h30 to 18h00 Event Finals


From Barny’s EC Bremen 2010 photos album

I love this training photo

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20 Responses to World Cup Corbeil-Essonnes 2010

  1. Michel says:

    The ash cloud moves at the moment to Germany… perhaps that airports will be closed again, that will be tomorrow said.

  2. Wan and catts says:

    Russian Seniors also went to Spain directly from France, so they may have arrived in Marbella right now. and Thank God this time the vocalno ash is not that serious.

  3. marie-angélique says:

    yes i learnt that too…The only thing i know is that Silvia Miteva is already in Spain because they travelled directly from France to Spain. I don\’t know if some other present team did the same…

  4. Laura says:

    Yes, the volcano cloud is covering Spanish sky. Now about 500 flights have been cancelled and the most important airports(Madrid and Barcelona) are canceling a lot of flights.I hope gymnast can arrive for the trainings. I have read that a lot of Spanish fans who want to see the competition have to travel by bus or by train.

  5. marie-angélique says:

    I\’ve heard on french tv that about 4 spanish airports are closed today because of the volcano cloud…I hope there will be no as many problems as the last time :S@Wan and catts Wan : thanks for the info. And we were thinking she was still weak because she appeared only the last hour of the competition…Coolmadgick

  6. Wan and catts says:

    I just hope Zhenya\’s body is fine for the competiton in Spain…Her Mom told me she was still weak in the day of finals in Corbeil and Iceland vocalno erupted again…hopefully everything will be fine. everybody can come back home safely after the competition

  7. Laura says:

    I\’m very happy to hear of Zhenya\’s recovery.Marie-Angélique thank you so much for informing us.Now, Zhenya comes to Spain! I wish her the best here!

  8. Wan and catts says:

    marie-angé​lique: You are so kind. Thanks again for coming here to inform us. and many thanks for your photos if I want more I will ask you.

  9. Michel says:

    Very nice that it Sweet Lemon goes well again, just in time for Marbella. Now she can win again.

  10. marie-angélique says:

    @Wan and catts Wan : you\’re welcome, i thought it would be important to say it there. BTW if you want all the photos i took of her (i didn\’t post all on the forum), send me a email or a pm and i will send you them ok ?Coolmadgick

  11. Wan and catts says:

    @marie-angé​lique: Thank you very much. Glad to know Zhenya is better now.

  12. marie-angélique says:

    Hey guys ! Zhenya is apparently fine now 🙂 Today, for the finals she came to support Russian team. I took some photos where she is laughing with Lukonina, Mustafaeva, Narkevitch and Rabstava 🙂 She seemed to be better today :)Coolmadgick

  13. RC says:


  14. Michel says:

    She should rest and become healthy…. get well soon!

  15. Wan and catts says:

    Zhenya is sick!!! 😦 😦 😦 poor, I am very very sad for her. hopefully She can recover soon.Zhenya發燒了!!! 哭…可憐的小兔寶…希望她好好休息, 快點好起來. GymMedia上寫Dmitrieva的visa沒過, 所以這次也沒來…

  16. Laura says:

    Poor Zhenya!! I wish her the best!!! Hopefully she can compete tomorrow!PS: I love the second photo 😀

  17. marie-angélique says:

    Zhenya was supposed to compete this afternoon in group A and she didn\’t. Apparently she has temperature…Let\’s see tomorow…Poor girl…

  18. Wan and catts says:

    雖說看Zhenya比賽已經有一段時間了, 但她每次比賽我都還是很緊張

  19. RC says:


  20. Michel says:

    All the best for Corbeil, Sweet Lemon!

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