Evgenia Kanaeva has won all 5 gold medals at Universiade Belgrade 2009

(photo by Dan Pickard)
Source: Agency of the sports information «All sports», http://www.olympians.ru/site.xp/124055050054057.html
13.07.2009 (orignally written in Russian, the English text was translated and edited by catts)

On 11 July the RG competition at the University Game in Belgrade (Serbia) has come to the end. The 2008 OG champion, Russian gymnast Evgenia Kanaeva, remarkably became the winner of the competition, having won all 5 gold medals in individual all-around and individual apparatus with ball, ribbon, hoop and rope. Evgenia Kanaeva commented on her 3-day visit in Belgrade.
Q: Zhenya, here in Belgrade people constantly say that the University Game is similar to a mini-OG. Have you felt it this way?
A: Well, of course, there are similarities between these competitions. Many athletes from different countries, the athletes’ village, as well as many sport events. However, honestly speaking, the OG is serious to a level that no other competition is comparable to. Yes, on nerve/tension level, you have found a correct word to describe it.

Q: Did you know that, thanks to your five victories, the Russian national team at this University Game for the first time have come on top on the gold medal list?
A: Is it? I am very glad.

Q: Did you feel the extra responsibility before stepping onto the carpet?
A: I hope … yes (laughs). Simply, I never felt it is necessary to plan anything in advance. When I was on the carpet, I tried to show everything that I was capable of. It is my contribution to a common cause. And here at the University Game I did not watch the performance of any other Russian athletes at all. I do not know them, nor do I know who have arrived here. I am more aware of what I am here for. Sorry if this is not the answer you expected.

Q: Your trainer Vera Efremovna said right now you are far from your best form.
A: Yes, it is true. First of all, physically I don’t feel 100%. I still have not taken time off for a holiday or rest as I was supposed to – which has made my body feel a little bit more difficult. Well, technically too … there were mistakes.

Q: But we and the audience did not notice anything!
A: You should not have noticed anything (laughs)! Only the gymnasts, trainers and judges could have noticed it, because they need to. My execution should have been cleaner.

Q: Is there anything special about this University Game in your memory? Or is it just the same as any other competitions you have been in?
A: For me, all will remain in my memory. Every new competition – there are new impressions and memoirs.

Q: And what memory will you take with you from Belgrade?
A: This is the first University Game in my life. Also, I was able to win five gold medals here. It seems to me, each athlete remembers the victories.

Q: In June there was almost a month of break between competitions, but hasn’t it turned out to be too short for a rest?
A: Well, as you have said … Perhaps, it was very little. And I was ill (laughs). I was not fully recovered but already was in training. It is true that the workload was less. Thank God that I even completed some school assignments. I have finished my second year study at The Siberians State University of Physical Training and Sports, the institute where I study – not at Peter as it was stated on the OG brochures in Beijing.

Q: In the mean time, before the start of the main event of this season – the World Championship in Japan in September – what will you do?
A: Oh, I will keep up with the training, which I can still do. Before the start of the World Championship, there will be 2 more competitions, that’s all. For us, the gymnasts, life is simple: bus, gymnasium, training, hotel, dream. There is no other time. Perhaps if once a month I can afford to be slack, afterward I will feel guilty.

(photo by Dan Pickard)

Chinese translated by Zoe Wan

Q: Zhenya, 在這裏, Belgrade, 人們不斷地說世界大學運動會好比是個小型的奧運會. 你覺得是這樣嗎?
A: 嗯, 當然, 這兩個比賽有相似性, 譬如有許多的選手來自不同國家, 選手村, 還有很多的比賽項目. 然而, 坦白說, 奧運會的層級是沒有任何一個比賽可與之相比擬的。對, 就是在緊張度方面(on nerve/tension level), 你(指記者) 找到了一個正確的字來描述.

Q: 你知道嗎, 感謝你的5面金牌, RUS 代表隊第一次在世界大學運動會的總金牌數排名第一。
A: 真的嗎? 我很高興。

Q: 在你走上地毯(比賽場)之前, 你是否感到這額外的責任?
A: 我希望…是 (笑). 只不過, 我不覺得有必要事先去計畫任何事情. 當我站在地毯上, 我試著去展現所有我能做的. 這是我所能做的基本貢獻. 在這裏, 我沒有看任何其他項目俄羅斯運動員的比賽, 我不認識他們, 也不知道其他有誰來這裏. 我更專心於我為什麼來這裏. 很抱歉, 如果這不是你期望的答案。

Q: 你的教練Vera Efremovna (就是Shtelbaums) 說,目前你不是在最佳狀態。
A: 是的, 這是事實. 首先, 身體上, 我沒有覺得100%, 我沒有得到應有的足夠休息, 這讓我的身體感覺有一點困難. 嗯, 然後技術上也是…我有失誤。

Q: 但我們跟觀眾沒有留意到什麼!
A: 你不應該留意到什麼(笑)! 只有選手, 教練, 還有裁判會注意到, 因為他們必須要注意. 我的完成(execution) 應該要更乾淨。

Q: 在你的回憶裏, 世界大學運動會有任何特別的地方嗎? 還是跟你參與的其他比賽一樣?
A: 對我而言, 所有的一切都會留在我的回憶裏. 每一個新的比賽-就會有新的印象跟新的回憶。

Q: 對你而言, 世界大學運動會的回憶是什麼呢?
A: 這是我生涯第一次世界大學運動會. 還有, 在這裏我贏了5面金牌. 我感覺, 似乎每個選手都會記得勝利。

Q: 6月份的時候有將近一個月的休息時間, 然而, 這休息時間是不是太短了?
A: 嗯, 如你所說…也許, 太少了. 而且我生病了(笑). 我沒有完全復原就又開始投入訓練. 事實上負擔(工作量)是有比較少. 感謝上帝, 我甚至完成了一些學校指定的課業. 我終於完成了我在西伯利亞州立大學體育學院第二年的課程(The Siberians State University of Physical Training and Sports). 我所上的學院, 不是在北京奧運宣傳小冊子上寫的那個學院 (英譯寫’Peter, catts說他也不知道是指哪個學院)。

Q: 在這段時間, 在九月日本的世錦賽之前, 你會做什麼?
A: Oh, 我會持續訓練, 這是我還能做的. 世錦賽前, 我還有兩場比賽. 就這樣. 對我們體操選手而言, 生活很簡單: 巴士, 體操館, 訓練, 旅館, 睡覺. 沒有其他的時間. 也許一旦我在一個月中放縱自己懶散一次, 之後我會覺得有罪惡感。

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