Margarita Mamun is engaged to swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov

Congratulations to Rita!!!!

Video: Alexander Sukhorukov proposed to Margarita Mamun

Champion of the 2016 OG in rhythmic gymnastics told how her lover, swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov proposed to her at the Olympic Ball in Moscow, and demonstrated exquisite diamond ring.

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The famous Russian athlete and champion of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 in rhythmic gymnastics Margarita Mamun at the Olympic ball in Moscow received a marriage proposal from the swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov.

Right during the interview, “First Channel” Sukhorukov down on one knee and proposed to Mamun’s hand and heart, to which she agreed.

“I am very happy, yet not even understand what happened,” – commented on the incident later Mamun.

Some photos



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1 Response to Margarita Mamun is engaged to swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov

  1. arthur dent says:

    Congrats to Rita! Not sure what to say about the proposal except if I did that to my gf in that situation, she’d probably kill me afterwards.

    On a different topic, I read Zhenya didn’t want to be in the Federation Committee this round of elections due to her focusing on her coaching. Any reliable news on that Zoe?

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