Happy Year of Snake ! 蛇我其誰 !

ZKG FB Cover-Year of Snake 2013-Zoe-850x315
(850×315, photo by Tom Theobald, FB cover by Zoe Wan)

蛇年快樂!!!啦啦啦~~祝大家身體健康,心想事成!!! 大吉大利!!!
Tomorrow is Chinese new year, I did banners for this website and FB page. Happy Year of Snake !!! The Chinese words “蛇我其誰” in these 2 banners means “If I can’t do it, who can? ” In Chinese, we like to use pun, “蛇我其誰” is a  phonetic pun, “蛇” means “snake” , “蛇我其誰”=”捨我其誰” is a Chinese idioms, “蛇” sounds like “捨”, and this year is year of snake, so I use “蛇” (snake) to replace “捨” (except) in this Chinese idioms. Sorry, it’s too difficult to explain Chinese idioms.

(940×198, photo by Tom Theobald, banner by Zoe Wan)

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3 Responses to Happy Year of Snake ! 蛇我其誰 !

  1. DeVotek says:

    In year of snake tomorow is Lent that I have to fast, pray and make good things. Be with Catholic Church and Benedict XVI.

  2. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    @DeVotek, thank you ! Happy year of snake to you too.

  3. DeVotek says:

    Zoe Wan, your compositions are like performances of Zhenya! Is Zhenya your sister 😉 ? Happy Year of Snake for You too!

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