Happy New Year !!! and more…

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Happy New Year to ALL !!! I did two fb covers. It’s sooo cold here in Taiwan, please take good care of yourself. Wishing you good luck, good health and much happiness throughout the year – Zoe greeting from Taiwan 🙂

BTW, just a thought, please write, which routine and in which competition you think is the best performance ever executed by Zhenya and deserved the highest score? feel free to write your comment.

For me I think it’s Zhenya’s Chopin ribbon 2.1 in qualification in London 2012! Maybe it’s not perfect in difficulties, but watching live is really a different story than watching routines on computer or TV. I was sooo moved and it’s an unforgettable experience. That routine is in my heart and will live forever 🙂

ZKG-FB-Cover-Happy New Year-850x315-Zoe

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7 Responses to Happy New Year !!! and more…

  1. Mariana Antunes says:

    It is such a difficult choice, as all of Zhenya’s routines were thought with a lot of detail, and she was able to execute excellently. However, in my opinion, I think Zhenya’s ball 2012 at the olympics qualification, and also her chopin ribbon 2.1, at the olympic all-around final. To see her smile, knowing that she was the first gymnast to ever win the olympic all-around twice. Her smile expressed that all of her hard work pais off.

  2. rhythmicgymnastics28 says:

    I liked all her routines of London 2012.
    Of all the years she had competed i think 2012 was the best year; nice routines, very mature, beautiful leotards etc,etc,
    I don’t like that sees has retired, but it is a good time after being Olympic Champion for the second time.

    I made a montage about Kanaeva, maybe you can take a look at it?

    I hope you like it!!

    Happy new year!!!!

  3. ZKG-WanWan says:

    catts!!!!! ohhh my, so happy to see you here again!!! Happy New Year!!! I am glad you can visit ZKG this time, no block in KAZ now? I love carmen rope too, prefer it than the Kadril Veselaya rope in 2009.

    @Laura, I agree EC Torino 2008 is Zhenya’s best competition in her RG career, actually I think Torino 2008 is the best RG competition I have ever seen, not just Zhenya, all gymnasts did very well in this competition, only few mistakes. 2008 is such a good year. But watching live is really a big factor for me, and OG like Zhenya said before is an unexplained experience. That’s my best moment in 2012, and maybe the best moment in my life so far…

  4. catts says:

    I was most impressed by her rope routine in early 2009 when she used the music ‘Carmen’. Zhenya struggled, and the routine ended up being completely replaced. However, during that period Zhenya did try very hard to move beyond her ‘usual’ style in order to adapt to what the routine required. ‘Carmen’, as a routine, might have been a failure but it did help launch the new Kanaeva to set high RG standard in following years. I would love to see her perform ‘Carmen’ rope again. With her current RG ability and maturity, she may be able to accomplish it.

  5. Laura says:

    For me, her best competition was EC Torino 2008. Her rope and clubs routines fascinated me.

  6. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Stretchy Lily, Thank you very much for the sharing!!! I did a New Year banner for ZKG 🙂 Background is from the wallpaper of National Palace Museum.

  7. Stretchy Lily says:

    I completely agree with you, Zoe! 😊

    Thank you again for the New Year’s wishes!

    Here is a 2013 rhythmic gymn calendar I wanted to share with you:


    All the best!!!!

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