Zhenya Summary 2010

The last post in 2010!
Like last year, I listed all the events that Zhenya participated this year including exhibition show and all her results in competitions.
Here you are:
(and check the list of 2009 here: http://litingw2046.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!F902A19D7223ADF5!1567.entry )

01. Russia Championships-RUS-14-17 Jan 2010
Competition for Junior, Zhenya was there to show her 4 new routines.

02. World Cup Montreal-CAN-30-31 Jan 2010
Results: 1st @AA、ball、ribbon+2nd @hoop+3rd @rope

03. Grand Prix Moscow-RUS-20-21 Feb 2010
Results: 1st @AA、hoop、ball+2nd @rope、ribbon

04. World Cup Debrecen-HUN-06-07 Mar 2010
Results: 1st @AA、rope、hoop、ball、ribbon

05. World Cup Portimao-POR-12-14 Mar 2009
Results: 1st @AA、rope、ball、ribbon
(3rd @hoop qualifiation, out of final because of the 2 gymnasts per country rule)

06. Grand Prix Thiais-FRA-28-29 Mar 2009
Results: 1st @AA、rope、hoop、ball、ribbon

07. World Cup St. Petersburg-RUS-3-4 Apr 2009
Results: 1st @AA、rope、hoop、ball、ribbon

08. European Championships Bremen-GER-16 Apr 2010
Results: 1st @Individual AA Final (no apparatus finals this year)

09. Grand Prix Marbella-ESP-15-16 May 2010
Results: 1st @AA、rope、hoop、ball、ribbon

10. World Cup Minsk-BLR-21-23 May 2010
Results: 1st @AA、rope、hoop、ball、ribbon

11. Grand Prix Innsbruck-AUT-5-6 Jun 2010
Results: 1st @AA、rope、hoop、ribbon
(3rd @ball qualifiation, out of final because of the 2 gymnasts per country rule)

12. CariPrato-ITA-19 Jun 2010
Results: 1st @Team、AA、4EF (this event only compete one day for 4 apparatus)

13. Youth Spartakiad-RUS-11-13 July 2010
Results: 1st @AA (no apparatus finals)

14. World Cup Pesaro-ITA-27-29 Aug 2010
Results: 1st @AA、rope、hoop、ball、ribbon

15. Grand Prix Holon-ISR-4-5 Sep 2010
Results: 1st @ AA、rope、hoop、ball、ribbon

16. World Championships Moscow-RUS-19-26 Sep 2010
Results: 1st @ Team、AA、hoop、ball+2nd @rope
(3rd @ribbon qualification, out of final due to 2 gymnasts per country rule)

17. Aeon Cup-JPN-8-10 Oct 2010
Results: 1st @ team、AA (no EF)

18. Grand Prix Brno-CZE-16-17 Oct 2010
Results: 1st @AA、rope、hoop、ball
(3rd @ribbon qualifiation, out of final because of the 2 gymnasts per country rule)

19. Grand Prix Final Berlin-GER-30-31 Oct 2010
Results: 1st @AA、rope、hoop、ball、ribbon

20. Freddy Cup (AG competition)-ITA-Nov 13 2010
Zhenya was there to make exhibition shows on breaktime.
She did hoop and ball routines.

21. Esukalgym 2010-ESP-13-14 Nov 2010
Exhibition show,Zhenya was there only on sunday (14 Nov)
She performed ball、ribbon and 1 gala

22. 25th Galina Gorenkova Memorial Cup-OMSK-05-06 Dec 2009
results: 1st @AA (Zhenya didn’t compete finals)

To sum up:
22 events, 69+golds, 4 silvers and 1 bronze!
(I am not sure about CariPrato’s medals, so I wrote 69+golds, don’t if it have EF)

Again, a very expressive and brilliant year for Zhenya !
Even though not like so many events in 2009 but still a very busy schedule in 2010.
May her continue her wonderful RG journey, overcome all adversities and shine on the carpet in 2011!


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8 Responses to Zhenya Summary 2010

  1. Michel says:

    I think Merkulova is still too young, she will not win so much this year, but she collects experience. Daria D. but could perhaps be better than Daria K. and I hope Yana doesn\’t go under there. Evgeniya needs rest this year a little bit, but she must also win a few competitions to assert herself against the others (I hope she comes to Germany and Austria). To be ready for the Olympics. Rest and win – not easy.The fans are ready!

  2. Laura says:

    2011 would be so difficult for Zhenya. I also think the strongest rival for Zhenya is D.Dmitrieva. Hopefully Merkulova doesn\’t start to win this year… Viner likes her for sure and I think she wants Shasha to OG 2012.This year Zhenya will compete with a lot of pressure so hopefully she doesn\’t compete in all competitions like 2009 and 2010(even though 2010 was "more relaxed" for her she took part in a lot of competitions)Of course I\’m supporting her for ever ;)Happy 2011 again for everybody!

  3. Wan and catts says:

    Yap, 2011 will be a very crucial year for Zhenya. more challenge, Daria D and Merkulova…Anyway, I will pray for 小兔寶 (I really love this Chinese nickname ;)) everyday, may her can go to 2012 OG!!!Therefore, golds are still important for her, those can secure 小兔寶\’s position in 2012 OG.

  4. Michel says:

    The gold isn\’t the most important (but nice of course ;)). I think the next year doesn\’t become so easy for the sweetest lemon on earth *haha*, because I think Daria D. will sometimes win (her ball routine was wonderful this year). The most important is, that Evgeniya enchants us still next year :).Less than 3 hours………..

  5. Wan and catts says:

    @Michel: Yes, and considering no Universiade (5 golds) no World Games (4 golds) and only AA final in EC (Zhenya got 5 golds in EC 2009), 2010 is amazing too!Hopefully, Zhenya will continue WOW her fans in 2011 🙂

  6. Wan and catts says:

    m_nn 🙂 感謝你來這po 2010 最後一條評論. 新年快樂 (L)(L)(L)

  7. m_nn says:

    告别2010。。。MSN SPACE最后一条评论。。。

  8. Michel says:

    This year 69x gold, last year 80x = woo0.ooow

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