Congratulations Zhenya! World Champion 2010!!!

恭喜小兔寶衛冕成功!!! 以總分116.250 贏得2010莫斯科世錦賽個人全能冠軍!!!
是繼1995年Marina Petrova後, 第二位能蟬聯個人全能冠軍的選手
總計小兔寶這次共贏得四金 (Hoop, Ball, Team, All-Around) 一銀 (Rope)
Congratulations Zhenya!!! She defended her AA title in World Championships Moscow 2010 tonight
She is the 2nd gymnast to defend AA title in World Championships since Marina Petrova in 1995
Bravo Zhenya!!!!!!!!!!!
She won 4 golds (Hoop, Ball, Team, All-Around) and 1 silver (Rope) in this WC, well well done!!!

Full results of Individual All-Around Final

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17 Responses to Congratulations Zhenya! World Champion 2010!!!

  1. Wan and catts says:

    Oral translation I don\’t think it must be correct, unless we can hear what exactly Zhenya said (the russian), we can\’t hear Zhenya\’s voice in this video. I still don\’t think Zhenya has boyfriend, I think you think too much. She already denied she has boyfriend in her interview, nevermind let it be.

  2. Michel says:

    The commentator is Russian. Her and her German husband is the page from which is that video. They make the comments themselves.No matter, but it\’s her to wished…..

  3. Michel says:

    Evgenia (or better the German commentator) says "Ich möchte meinem Freund danken" (I would like to thank my friend). She says not friends…. explicitly "MEIN FREUND" (MY FRIEND). IN ANY CASE she means ONE MALE… ask Yilu.German / EnglishFreund = boyfriendMEIN Freund = MY friend (->boyfriend)EIN Freund = A friend (->means a "normal" friend)Freundin = girlfriendFreunde = friends

  4. Wan and catts says:\’s interview. but I think many things she already said before. and here she said again still not found the man that she dream of, and she she doesn\’t search for. also said she doesn\’t like the boys trained in Novogorsk. (she said these things in an interview last year)

  5. Wan and catts says:

    It\’s normal Zhenya said thanks to her friends, I don\’t think she has boy friend right now. Shtelbaums already said in the interview Zhenya didn\’t communicate with that admire.

  6. Michel says:

    I think it\’s time for her :)PS: At 0:26 she looks to the boy on the right site, or? 😉

  7. Michel says:

    0:43-1:04I don\’t follow the performances of my rivals, I\’m my biggest opponent. I always try to perform for the audience, the jury is part of them. When you do something with feeling and positive expression, like it everybody. Above all, if things go well, then I\’m only here for the spectators.

  8. Michel says:

    But in this Video, she says, that she thanks to her FRIEND: 0:37 I \’m very very happy. I\’m happy that my coach has always supported me and me so encouraged. I would like to thank my friend and each which works with me. Without them I would have no medals.

  9. Michel says:

    I found the first interview in the russian RG-forum too. I understand that she has no friend, but the translation from the Russian is very bad this time….

  10. Wan and catts says:

    Thanks Laura, I email Shtelbaums\’ interview to Alyona few days ago, hopefully I will get her reply.

  11. Laura says:

    Here, two interviews: first one seems to be very interesting. It\’s a Vera\’s interview. She says Zhenya has a secret admirer who sends her flowers. She also says boys in novogorsk court Zhenya and she rejects them!But with google translator I can\’t understand all…The second, is a video of Zhenya and Dasha Kondakova.Please, Alyona/Monica would you mind to translate them??:)

  12. Wan and catts says:

    after wacthing her routines\’ videos today, I think she did good in AA Final better than past few days,but still not her best. for me, her best routine in AA final is the Hoop not ball, ball is good but more little mistakes. I just hope she can have a good rest and get back her peak form.Best wishes for our Zhenechka!!!!

  13. Wan and catts says:

    Thanks Michel & Laura:I could not watch on-line broadcast last night, only can read live score, I was so nervous for her. finally Zhenya did it!!! so woderful. I am sooo happy for her!!!

  14. Laura says:

    COGRATULATIONS ZHENYA!!Yesterday I was until 3 on the morning watching the AA final because in Spain didn\’t broadcast it live.Zhenya didn\’t start well the competition, but in the most important moment she knew how to manage the world! It was like " Wait!!!!! I\’m here! Me! Evgenia Kanaeva!"And the last routine of the whole Championship was last Zhenya ball rouitne! It was just amazing. I couldn\’t believe what I was seeing!I\’m very very happy for her!! she deserves it!Go Zhenechka GO GO!!

  15. Michel says:

    Congratulaion Sweet Lemon, you are and remains the best! Now 11 (!?) World Championships title.

  16. Wan and catts says:

    哇 大喜小兔寶坐沙發 啊哈哈 太高興了 都擔心死了 一直想沒指望了 想不到她挺住了

  17. RC says:


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