A VERY Good Article dedicated to Zhenya written by Fanny Wang

Today, I want to share a very good article dedicated to Zhenya written by Fanny Wang It was written in Chinese. Chinese friends I highly recommend you to read this article, especially for Zhenya fans! Fanny’s writting is excellent, truly a beautiful and touched article.
here’s the LINK of this great article!

posted catts’ English translation here 03-Nov. 2009

enjoy your read…….

and I wanna say ” Thank you, Fanny  紅心 

P.S. Thanks Hershey and 4erquelle for the beautiful wallpapers

今天我想介紹一篇獻給 Zhenya 的好文章,作者是 Fanny Wang。世錦賽之後寫的,Fanny 的文筆非常非常好,比我好太多了,不管是英文或中文都遠勝於我。這篇文章真的寫的很棒,我強力推薦 Zhenya Fans 去看!
and catts的英譯
enjoy your read……

and 我想說 ” 謝謝 貓 紅心 
P.S. 非常感謝 Hershey 跟 4erquelle 幫 Zhenya做的 beautiful wallpapers!

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5 Responses to A VERY Good Article dedicated to Zhenya written by Fanny Wang

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is really a great page !!! thank you for the news!!!!

  2. feeva says:

    某猫红着脸跑来……承蒙WANWAN和CATTS谬赞谬赞……其实明明是ZHENYA自己太美好……于是怎么写都是好的XD 希望她能如我们所愿,快乐健康的走到很远~~

  3. Wan and catts says:

    BTW, 兔兔你動作好快~~

  4. Wan and catts says:

    catts 也說這篇文章 so well written, 而且說當他看到貓提到IRA的名字時, 特別感動 (catts也很喜歡 IRA), 還說像貓這樣的Tchachina fan能如此高度讚美 Zhenya 是很棒的事!我真的很感謝 貓 為Zhenya寫了這麼一篇美麗的文章。

  5. RC says:


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