Got Zhenya Kanaeva’s 2nd e-mail, She is like an ANGEL!

After I received Zhenya’s first e-mail, of course I must reply her to say thanks and also I want to congratulate for Zhenya’s big achievement at WC Mie 2009! I ever sent a congratulations letter to the Federation of RUS RG before, but since now I have Zhenya’s e-mail address, so I want to give her the congratulations directly! And I told Zhenya that I and my friend made a space for her welcome her to visit. Also, I ask Zhenya two questions in my letter, first is a silly question: I love Zhenya’s sports shoes that she wore when she was in Korea, it’s so cool! I ask Zhenya the brand of her shoes, hehe. Second is about Zhenya’s 2008 Ribbon music-“Moscow Nights”, so beautiful piano version, I ask her if it is possible to buy the track in Russia, and told her there are many fans want that track eagerly!

10 days later after sending my e-mail, last night I got 2nd e-mail from Zhenya! I am very very happy, in great joy, like in heaven.

Zhenya said she is very busy for training/ competition/ gala stuff don’t have free time to get on internet. So she is very sorry for not responding my e-mail quickly, but she will always appreciate my great support very much, and was very touched by my words.

She answered my 2 questions in a very serious way, told me the brand of her shoes. About “Moscow Nights”, this version was made specifically for the routine, she didn’t know if there is track for sale in Russia, but she will ask for me! Zhenya is really a very kind girl, she always treat me (her fan) with sincere attitude. She is like an ANGEL!

Also, Zhenya said she and her Mom both love this space, and said she hope can understand Chinese! She thanks me and my friend’s great work!

I just felt proud that I am Zhenya’s fan; I am not support the wrong people. Zhenya deserved me to do anything good for her! I will support Zhenya Kanaeva all my life!

By Zoe Wan (zhenya0402)

This is the shoes that I want to know the brand

上次Zhenya寫信給我後,當然我得回信謝謝她,順便我想跟她說恭喜,祝賀她在今年日本世錦賽破紀錄成就。其實在世錦賽比完沒多久我就先寄了封e-mail到俄羅斯韻律體操協會向Zhenya說恭喜。但既然現載我已經有她的e-mail address,我當然希望在直接跟她說。

我的回信中除了感謝跟祝賀她以外,當然還是說了些欣賞她跟鼓勵她的話。並告訴她,我跟哈薩克朋友catts幫她建立了一個專屬msn space (blog),裡頭都是關於她的資訊,最主要是俄文訪問/ 文章的英譯跟中譯,歡迎她有空時來看看。

然後我還問了她2個問題,第一個問題是個silly question,我看到她之前去韓國表演時,穿的運動鞋很好看,很帥氣,所以我問她那雙鞋是什麼牌子的。另一個問題就是關於她2008 Ribbon Music-"Moscow Nights",她的那個鋼琴版,從去年至今就很多fans很想知道是否有完整版。我問Zhenya,這個版本在俄羅斯市面上買的到嗎。


Zhenya跟我say sorry,因為她忙著訓練/ 比賽/ Gala 等等事情,沒有時間可以上網。所以如果她沒回應我是因為真的很忙沒空檔,但她永遠感謝我對她巨大的支持。

對我的2個問題,她都很認真的回答我了。那雙鞋鞋是Lacoste。而 "Moscow Nights" ,因為那是專門為她的Ribbon routine 做的,所以她也不知道市面上是否可以買到這個版本,但她說會幫我問。

Zhenya 人真的好好,善良、體貼、真誠。像是天使一樣的小孩!她還說她跟她媽媽都很喜歡我跟catts幫她做的msn space,她很感激我們的great work!這真是太棒了,專屬space 開張還不到一個月,主角就親臨參觀了,還有比這更好的事嗎? 她還問我是不是Musicsian? 真是不好意思,不知道她是否看了我吹Sax 的影片。Anyway,我功力還很菜鳥,只是個初級生而已。

讀過那麼多 Zhenya 的訪問,早知道她個性非常好。但實際這樣跟她通信之後,更能體會她的善與真。她真的值得我為她做任何有利於她的事,我一輩子都會支持 Zhenya Kanaeva!

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3 Responses to Got Zhenya Kanaeva’s 2nd e-mail, She is like an ANGEL!

  1. Leila says:

    What´s her e-mail?Please send it to me!

  2. Wan and catts says:

    她第一封e-mail才有可能是回Omsk時回的, 當時Omsk有個比賽, 她回去在開幕典禮時表演後來就回Novogorsk Training Center了。這週末應該是去Kazan of RUS, 雖然她沒有要參加Cup of Russia的比賽, 不過應該會去做Gala Show

  3. Steven says:


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