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Zhenya leads Squad Camp at Lake Placid, USA, 17-30 Sep 2016

Zhenya leads Squad Camp at Lake Placid, USA, from 17 to 30 Sep 2016,  including different ages and scheduled  in different days. (according to the information I got Zhenya will stay there till 30 Sep) The report about the young squad camp: … Continue reading

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29th Galina Gorenkova Memorial Tournament 2014, 10-14 Dec, OMSK

Omsk famous gymnasts will take part in the opening ceremony of the Galina Gorenkova Memorial tournament, which will be held on December 12 at the Palace of Rhythmic Gymnastics. The tournament will be held in the 29th time and this year … Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva Has Become a Mother! 19th March 2014

(photo by Tom Theobald at WCH Montpellier 2011) News source: http://omskzdes.ru/sports/23636.html Author:  Dmitry Bakhtin translated by Alyona, many many Thanks!!! Famous Omsk athlete Evgenia Kanaeva gave birth to a baby-boy yesterday on the 19th of March. The boy will be … Continue reading

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Kanaeva and Shtelbaums again received the award “Courgae” (24th May)

Original article link: http://omskzdes.ru/news/detail.php?ELEMENT_ID=17982 retlated news: http://www.omsk.aif.ru/sport/news/87464 translated by google, sorry for some mistakes, anyway, the most important thing is Zhenya and Vera Shtelbamus both were honored the arward “courage” once again! Congratulations to Zhenya and Vera Shtelbaums – Zoe Today … Continue reading

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Oleg Kanaev: we can say that Zhenya has finished with sport

(Oleg Kanaev – Zhenya’s father) Posted on http://www.allsportinfo.ru/index.php?id=71549 on 26-05-2013 Originally written in Russian by Vladimir Ivanov and Maria Vorobyeva Translated and edited by catts (many thanks to catts!!!) The first ever two-time Olympic all-around champion in rhythmic gymnastics, Evgenia … Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva is going to get married next month (June)

Original article link: http://www.om1.ru/news/sport/12120/ English translated by Alyona, many thank!!! only translated the first part, the other parts are old news/rumors last year! (Note by Zoe: the previous report about Zhenya is going to get married in July is a … Continue reading

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Irina Viner: Kanaeva – a gymnast who had done it all by herself

Sorry for the late, this is an interview a while ago, but anyway our team do the best to translate it!!! Posted on http://rsport.ru/interview/20130307/649477066.html on 07-03-2013 Originally written in Russian by Veronica Stolbunova English edition translated and edited by catts, Many Many Thanks … Continue reading

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The wedding of Kanaeva and Musatov will be in July

Original article link: http://www.sovsport.ru/news/text-item/602808 English translated by Alyona, MANY MANY THANKS!!!!! Farhat Moustafin, father of the Olympic Champion Aliya Moustafina, in his interview to ‘’Sovietsky Sport’’ said they had already got an official invitation to the wedding of the twice Olympic … Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva: and mom, no matter what, would not love me less …(7th March 2013)

Posted at http://rsport.ru/interview/20130307/649486658.html on 07/03/2013 Author (in Russian): Anatoly Samokhvalov & Andrei Simonenko English edition was translated and edited by catts and Alyona, MANY MANY THANKSSSS!!!! Gymnast Kanaeva, winner of ‘the most success athletes in 2012’ ranking organized by the … Continue reading

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Video translation: Evgenia Kanaeva: Universiade is Fun-28th March 2013

Original link: http://www.vesti.ru/videos?vid=495459 English translation by Alyona, many many thanks!!! First time in history Russia is going to host the biggest competition among students – the Universiade. We rely strongly upon rhythmic gymnastics and now here is our guest – the … Continue reading

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