Translation: Zhenya interview with Cosmopolit​an-12th Oct 2012
Two months after the end of the Olympics, gymnast Evgenia Kanaeva met with and shared about her secrets of attraction, lucky charm and sport diet.
Original written in Russian by Irina Bagaeva
Posted on on 12-Oct-2012
Translated and edited by catts, double check by Alyona (Billion Thanks!!! ♥)

Long-legged, radiant, charismatic, Evgenia Kanaeva creates around herself an aura of joy and harmony. You want to review and revise her performances, well, to imitate her – at least, to keep the spine straight. Zhenya, the pride of gymnastics, told about green tea, red lipstick and her lucky charm.

Q: Zhenya, what does beauty mean to you?
A: First of all, beauty must come from within. If you love yourself and rejoice in life, these feelings and positive impact will reflect on your appearance. And, of course, it is important to care for yourself.

Q: May you share with us the beauty-advice that really works?
A: Healthy sleep and food. It is true that I do not always get enough sleep.

Q: And what can you always find in your makeup bag?
A: Lip gloss, and also a powdered or matting napkin that refreshes the makeup any time.

Q: What is your main taboo in makeup? Or are you not afraid of experiments?
A: Red lipstick. At the performance I always paint the lips brightly red but do not recall if I have ever used a red lipstick in real life. I prefer make-up to be less visible (in a nude-style).

Q: What do you like in yourself most?
A: Eye color. So often I hear that my glance is attracting. In general, I’m pretty self-critical – I want to be slimmer and have curly hair.

Q: Gymnasts are always so thin and graceful. Is there a special sport diet to keep fit?
A: Yes. I can afford to get a relief only after the competition and for a couple of days prior to the start in order to have strength and a positive attitude. For example, during the active preparation for the Olympics, I ate very little. I refused biscuits and chocolates, and on weekends my diet consisted of green tea for breakfast.

Q: Congratulations on another gold medal. What has been the most difficult for the Olympics?
A: To have known that the whole country believes in you and you must not fail. You begin to realize such responsibility even in training, but during the performance you forgot about everything but concentrated on the movements.

Q: Zhenya, do you have a lucky mascot that brings success?
A: Before entering the stadium, I always hold in my hands the lucky mascot – these are the things given by my close friends, and my coach Vera Efremovna Shtelbaums would say a few words to me, but what she says is a big secret.

Q: Let’s fantasize. If Evgenia Kanaeva has not become a gymnast…
A: In general, “if” does not happen. But I am very inquisitive. During childhood I was fond of drawing and music. I think I would be able to develop in these areas.

Q: Tell us about your cooperation with Gillettee Venus.
A: The cooperation with Gillettee Venus was a great honor for me. I am pleased to be the face of the brand, whose products I personally use and love. Aesthetics, beauty – this is an important factor in my success. I have to look perfect during competition, and Venus helps me do that.

Q: A video clip has gone viral on the internet, in which company Pantene made for you. What is the basic idea?
A: This is a beautiful and touching story about a little girl becoming an Olympic champion. Let’s watch together!

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