莫忘初衷 Some words to Zhenya before EC Minsk 2011…

既然明天要搬家, 現在房間裡亂七八糟, 一時半刻還不能睡, 就寫點東西吧…

一年一度歐錦賽又來了, 今年奇數年, 所以只比單項, 不比全能. 2007年是小兔寶首度參加歐錦賽, 也是她在國際大舞台上發光的一年, 過程也不需我在贅述, 大家都知道她是臨時才被派去比賽頂替受傷的Kabaeva. 17歲的她只比了一個單項就奪下金牌, 當時Viner興奮的表情跟反應就跟她去年在世錦賽對Dmitrieva的反應一樣…但始終我覺得這2件事有點不同, 當年的彩帶決賽, 如果沒有小兔寶傑出的表現, 金牌會是烏克蘭的選手Bessonova, 這代表著俄羅斯的金牌旁落…但去年世錦賽, Daria D即使她沒拿到最高分, 反正金牌會是Daria K. 你們可以說我偏心小兔寶.

會什麼會說莫忘初衷…其實這曾經是我薩克斯風老師說過的話, 也代表著我對小兔寶的期許, 誠然, 隨著年齡漸長, 她的風格越來越成熟, 如今我已豪不懷疑她是Queen of RG, 老實說, 2008年的時候, 雖然我很喜歡她, 但對於她日後能這麼傑出, 並達到不亞於甚至超越師姊Tchachina的水準, 我一直是存疑的, 因為就像小兔寶自己說過的, 對於舞蹈她並不擅長, 她擅長的是別的部分, 我是同意這點的. 可是今年的四個成套一出現, 尤其是clubs and ribbon 我完全有那種她會走向GOAT (Greatest of All Time) 的態勢, OK 也許有人不同意我, nevermind…我好像又扯遠了 Orz…

總之, 我希望隨著她的知名度越來越響亮, 她能永保真誠熱愛RG的心, 2007年雖然她很青澀, 但對於我總有一種清新晶瑩剔透的感覺, 跟現在的成熟, 青澀的模樣一樣那麼令我難忘, 她當年因為太激動了在頒獎台上大哭, 賽後訪問時都聽的出來聲音在顫抖, 帶著哽咽, 我很喜歡這樣的她…小兔寶…帶著你的真心, 帶著你最初的感覺向前行, 那麼一切都會很好的呈現…
Davai Davai Davai!!! Wish you all the BEST!!! Good Luck!!!

with Love from Taiwan
English version: written by Zoe Wan

Title: “Don’t forget your very first feeling” Some words to Zhenya before EC Minsk 2011

Since I will move to a new house tomorrow, and right now my room is messy! I can’t sleep within a short while then let me write something…

Here comes the EC again! This year is odd year so only has EF no AA. Zhenya’s 1st EC was on 2007 , and it’s this year Zhenya spotlight in international RG stage, I don’t have to write the process here again…many people know she was sent there in the last few days just before EC to replace injured Kabaeva. She only competed one apparatus and won gold with just 17 years old. Viner’s excited facial expression and reaction to Zhenya’s gold in ribbon just like she did to Daria Dmitrieva @WCH Moscow last year.  But I always thought it’s a bit different these two things. 2007 EC ribbon final, if no Zhenya’s outstanding performance then gold medal will go to UKR gymnast Anna Bessonova. This means Russia lost one gold to other country…I think normally Viner can’t stand this…But @WCH Moscow 2010, even Daria D didn’t receive highest score, gold medal will be Daria K, anyway, gold medal won’t lost to other country. You can call me biased Zhenya…

Why I use this title “莫忘初衷 Don’t forget your very first feeling” …actually this was my sax teacher’s words, he ever wrote this on his fb before and This means my expectation to Zhenya. Indeed, Zhenya becomes more and more mature as her age growing up…Right now I have no any doubted “Zhenya is the Queen of RG”. In fact, in 2008 even I liked her very much back then, but I always have the question about she will become so outstanding in the future…I can’t image she can reach to Ira Tchachina’s level even surpass her! Like Zhenya said in an interview @end of 2009, she is not good in dancing, she is good in other aspects..and I agree this. But with the four excellent and incredible 2011 routines comes out, especially clubs and ribbon, I have the feeling “Zhenya is on the way to become GOAT in the future (Greatest of All Time). OK you can disagree with me about this. never mind…Ahhh seems I am talking to other things…

Anyway, I hope as her name becoming more and more well known in the world, she can keep her true heart and passion to RG forever. 2007 she was so young and immature, but for me I always love her in that period-fresh just like crystal, compare with the her mature style right now, her green day also let me unforgettable. When She won ribbon gold it was overwhelming for her, she can’t help and cried badly on podium…and after that when she was interviewed by a journalist, her voice shivering and answered questions with choke …I love this kind little bunny very MUCH! …Little bunny…goes with your true heart and soul, with you very first passion about RG, then everything will turn out nicely! Davai Davai Davai!!! Wish you all the BEST!!! Good Luck!!!

with Love from Taiwan

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3 Responses to 莫忘初衷 Some words to Zhenya before EC Minsk 2011…

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Added English version written by Zoe Wan

  2. ZKG-WanWan says:

    I left a message to reply Zhenya’s wall post @vk.com two hours ago: “Dear Zhenya! just goes with your true heart and soul! with your very first passion about RG, then everything will turn out nicelyl! Davai Davai Davai!!! Wish you all the BEST!!! Good Luck!!!

    with Love from Taiwan”

    and Zhenya replied me “spasibo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 😀 (L)

  3. ZKG-WanWan says:

    語無倫次, 我不行了, 真的要去睡了……

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